Top 6 Camping Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

If you are thinking of heading out to camp this summer, it is probably one of the best things to do with your friends or family, or even solo, isn’t it?. The weather is just right, it is all sunny, bright, and soothing.


Camping is all about bonding with nature, spending time alone or with a group of fellow campers, bonfires, engaging in adventures, and living away from the hustle-bustle of city life. There is peace, there is greenery, there are adventures, and there is a chance to engage yourself in a completely different experience away from the moving madness of your normal city life. These are just some of the primary reasons we love camping, but there are many people who regularly engage themselves in such experiences.

However, unlike your normal traveling expeditions, camping is slightly different and complicated. You are required to make some pre-preparations before you finally take the walk. Often, people do make mistakes during the preparation, which in turn results in a bitter experience.

That is definitely something you wouldn’t want now, right? So, as an experienced camper myself and after seeing fellow campers over the years, I have recognized the top 6 mistakes people make that you need to avoid this summer.

  1. Not being prepared for weather changes

The weather that you see right now is all sunny, shiny, and bright. But you need to understand that there can be unexpected changes, especially now when Global Warming is at an all-time high.

You can go out to camp on a sunny Sunday, and still end up facing a rainy or windy Monday, ruining your expedition. You can’t forecast these changes, nor can you prevent them.

So, it’s always better to be prepared for these unfriendly weather conditions, such as the rains and winds. Don’t forget to carry a hooded waterproof jacket.

  1. Packing relentlessly

You need to acknowledge the fact that you are, in a way, isolating yourself from normal life for some time. This means you will not get access to basic amenities, and if you miss out on something important in your backpack, there is no escape.

If you were staying in a hotel or resort, for a vacation, you get access to everything you want. But not with camping. This is why packing is extremely important while going camping and a lot of your problems can be avoided if you do this right.

Make a checklist, write all the things that you might need during your trip, and make sure you follow it to the T. Utensils, medical kits, soap, proper clothing, emergency tools are a few important things you must never forget. You’ll definitely need a cooler to keep your food fresh, but consider investing in a cooler with speakers to free up more space in your backpack for essentials.

  1. Carrying the wrong tent

Well, I have got a personal experience with this blunder. Once while camping in Utah, I carried a tent that wasn’t the right size, and trust me, it was one of the most horrid experiences I have ever had.

One mistake can ruin your entire experience so make sure you carry the right tent with you. A few basic characteristics include being waterproof, the right size, easy to assemble, and erect.

You see, even if you are outdoors, you will spend a lot of time indoors, in your tent, so it is important to invest in a good one.

  1. Forgetting about Camping Reservation

Unlike in the movies, you cannot stop anywhere in a deserted place and just build your tent. There are proper locations dedicated to camping sites, where one needs to make reservations, check dates and then head out. A rookie mistake can end your camping trip even before it starts.

  1. Not cherishing and enjoying

Don’t forget the reason why you headed out to camp in the first place. We know there is a lot of work one has to do, and it is easy to get lost in the work and not enjoy it. Don’t be that person. Relish nature and soak the mother earth with naked legs – trust me, the experience is like no other. 

  1. Cooking in the campfire

Campfires are highlights of camping trips, but at the same time, don’t restrict yourself in thinking that you will rely totally on it for cooking. Most first-time campers have never tried cooking in an open fire ever which makes it all the more difficult.

It definitely sounds fun but isn’t effective at all. My suggestion is to carry a camping stove, for your cooking purposes, so that you don’t have to stress about your meals.

Camping is a one-of-a-kind experience, so go out and enjoy. Don’t be guilty of committing these mistakes, and you sure to come back with truckloads of memories!



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