Camping has been given a new lease of life, especially in the UK, where people are looking to spend more and more time outdoors after being confined in their homes for over a year. Read on to find out how to best spend time under a canvas if you don’t want to miss out on a wonderful experience.


Tent size and kit

A two person tent can become a squeeze with all the belongings thrown in, so the rule of the thumb, if you want ample space is to opt for a two man tent for a single camper and a four man tent if you are a couple, and so on.

Check the equipment before you travel. Make sure all the poles are in place. Throw in some  bin bags and tape for emergencies, as they can repair anything from broken wellies to snapped tent poles.  Save space by using your clothes packed in your sleeping bag as a pillow.

Where to pitch

Pitch your tent in the open and never under a tree, no matter how inviting or private the spot may look. If you make this mistake, the first thing in the morning you will discover is the sticky droppings on the flysheet. This will make repacking a nightmare, not to mention cleaning the tent once you return home. It is important to keep such nifty camping tips in mind.

Get a good sleeping bag

Nightimes are cold in the UK so if you want to enjoy your time under the stars, a good night’s sleep is essential. So if there is one item you should splurge on it has to be your sleeping bag, unless you want to endure cold nights.

Invest in a good goose down sleeping bag as they are small in size with a generous layer of down filling to provide a good layer of softness when layed out on the ground.

Clothing-an important camping top

Layers are the key to camping in the UK as it gets cold fairly quickly once the sun goes down. Hoodies and gloves are great for the kids to keep their heads warm. A woolen hat is perfect for sitting around the fire on late nights. For buying quality camping outdoor material in the Uk, this is the best place for army surplus clothing and gear online.

Packing list, apart from the obvious

Apart from the usual gear to protect against the weather and tent accessories, the packing list should usually contain:

  • Face wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Ear plugs to block outside sounds
  • Charging brick to keep your phone charged for emergencies
  • Tea bags
  • Stove
  • Water filtration to fix on the water bottle. You can then fill up from any outlet like a river or lake. Not carrying tons of water is a great space and weight saver.
  • Energy food
  • Extra pair of socks
  • A journal, if you want to keep notes
  • First aid kit

Practice pitching beforehand

Finally, campers, especially those who are having a go for the first time, should practice pitching the tent up before taking it out with you.This will ensure saving a lot of time at the campsite as you will be already aware of how to put it up. Additionally, if there are any missing parts or tears, they can be noticed and attended to before you leave.


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