Camping for Newbies: How to Make the Experience Comfortable

If you’re new to camping, you might be nervous about how comfortable the experience is going to be: sleeping outdoors with none of your usual facilities and creature comforts. Not to worry, spending your days and nights in the great outdoors is an amazing escape from reality and a way to get back in touch with nature. No matter how different it may seem to your nice warm bed, you truly don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of your outdoor adventuring. Here are some things you can bring along to make sure you have a happy, comfortable time.

Naturally, we want to do our best to stay on the grid when we venture out. Having access to GPS devices, being able to contact our family’s or partners or even powering heaters, coolers or cooking appliances – accessing a reliable power source is a great help when you go camping. Rather than a standard generator, it’s a good idea to go solar since it’ll be easier on your wallet in the long run and better for the planet. Investing in a solar generator, a panel to power it and a portable solar panel stand is the best thing you can do for your future adventuring.


Getting decent shut-eye is important for our health and our moods – nobody wants to feel tired and crabby when they’re meant to be having a good time breaking away from real life. A comfortable, warm sleep, is a good sleep and that’s why your sleeping gear is going to be an important part of your camping experience; your standard sleeping bag probably isn’t going to cut it.  A sleeping pad or a good quality roll-up foam or air mattress is a major step up for camping in the sleep department. Partnered with a sturdy, sizeable tent and your favourite pillow from home, you should be good to go for quality sleep under the stars.

As an added extra, you might want to bring along some earplugs and an eye mask – these can help combat strange sounds or light comping into your tent that you might not be used to. Small disturbances can impact overall sleep quality.


Make sure to check the weather before you leave the house. Being stuck outside and cold is never a fun time. Be sure to pack weather-appropriate clothes, sturdy shoes and above all, pack for comfort and practicality – tight jeans aren’t optimal for a hike in the woods.


Nobody is enthralled by the idea of half cold baked beans out of the can or soggy sandwiches packed the day before. Delicious, nutritious meals don’t have to be sacrificed when you go out adventuring if you pack the right equipment. A big, sturdy cooler box packed with (pre-chopped and prepared) quality produce like meat, vegetables and grains will be easy to cook up over a good old gas cooker. Camping cookware is a great investment to make if you’re heading out often. The proper nutrition will fuel your adventuring, so it’s a win-win for your belly, body and soul.


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