Save Money By Taking The Ferry

Did you know you can slash your travel costs by over 40% just by taking the Cape May-Lewes ferry?

You don’t have to break the bank for your next road trip. From ticket discounts to special offers, this ferry’s got you covered.

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Hop on board, enjoy the scenic ride and save more than just a few bucks.

It’s about time you made that smart move with this guide for the Cape May ferry!

Location and Accessibility

You’ll find that both Cape May and Lewes ferry terminals are conveniently located and easily accessible, which can save you on additional transportation costs. If you’re not keen on driving, public transportation options are available for both locations. This provides the freedom to relax and enjoy your journey without the burden of navigating traffic.

Parking availability isn’t an issue either; there’s plenty of room for your car should you choose to drive. That means no stress about finding a spot or extra expenses at private lots.

Terminal facilities at both locations are designed with your comfort in mind. You have access to clean restrooms, cozy waiting areas, and even some scenic views right from the terminal! And if hunger strikes before boarding, nearby dining options serve up delicious food to satisfy your cravings.

So, whether it’s by bus or car, traveling via Cape May-Lewes Ferry presents an opportunity for freedom seekers like you to unwind while saving money. The picturesque journey is just the beginning of what promises to be a memorable adventure.

Stay tuned as we move forward into exploring the ferry schedule and amenities which offer even more benefits.

Ferry Schedule and Amenities

It’s important to know that the Cape May-Lewes ferry operates year-round and offers a range of amenities to enhance your journey. This includes comfortable seating and food and beverage options. You’ll appreciate the freedom that comes with knowing you’re not confined to cramped spaces or limited meal choices.

  1. Onboard dining options: Catering to different tastes, there are multiple dining choices available. From fresh sandwiches to hot meals, comforting snacks to refreshing beverages – you’ve got it all.
  2. Seating options and comfort: Whether inside or out on the deck, seating is designed for your comfort so you can truly relax during your voyage.
  3. Outdoor deck views: Feel the wind in your hair as you take in breathtaking views from the open-air decks – a liberty only a ferry ride can offer.
  4. Restroom availability and cleanliness: Clean restrooms are strategically located throughout the vessel for ease of access.

The passenger capacity is well-managed ensuring crowd control without compromising on service quality or personal freedom.

While onboard, embrace this unique experience before shifting focus on how best to score deals when buying tickets; because who doesn’t love a good discount?

Ticket Tips and Discounts

Scoring a deal on Cape May-Lewes ferry tickets isn’t as hard as you’d think, with several discount options often available. Ticket prices vary, but planning ahead and using online booking can get you some sweet savings. You’ll love the freedom of securing your passage in advance while hunting for those early bird deals.

Are you of seasoned age or have served our country? Senior discounts and military discounts are offered to honor your maturity and bravery. It’s their way of thanking you for your contributions while helping you keep more green in your pocket.

Now, if you’re considering making this a round trip excursion – good news! Round trip savings are typically available; it’s generally cheaper than purchasing two one-way tickets. Just imagine the extra money left over for souvenirs or that delicious local seafood dinner.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Once you’ve disembarked from the Cape May-Lewes ferry, there’s a world of nearby attractions waiting for your exploration. Relish the freedom to sample local cuisine, with fresh seafood being a must-try delicacy. You can savor it at cozy bistros in Lewes or upbeat eateries in Cape May.

The regions offer plenty of outdoor activities too. Feel the sand between your toes at beautiful beaches or venture onto nature trails that snake through state parks. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, watersports are abundant along the coastlines.

Don’t miss out on historical landmarks dotting both towns. In Cape May, marvel at Victorian architecture or explore historic lighthouses. For history buffs, Lewes is home to museums and old-world charm.

Shopping options are diverse as well. Browse boutique stores filled with unique finds in quaint shopping districts or hunt for deals at nearby outlets.

Final Thoughts

So why not choose the Cape May-Lewes ferry for your next trip?

It’s affordable, convenient, and packed with perks.

With plenty of ways to save, from advance booking discounts to group rates and special promotions, it’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on fun.

Plus, who can resist the charm of a sea voyage?

Give it a shot!


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