10 Key Benefits of EU Residence Permit

Living in Europe appeals to many people who reside outside of Europe. It is not surprising because it opens up a lot of unique opportunities. Excellent conditions, developed economy in the countries, various ways to build a career – any ambitious modern person dreams of going to a European country for a while. 


Unlimited time stay in one or another country of the European Union, opening and running a business, the opportunity to use high-quality medical care, free education in local schools and universities, purchase of housing and motor vehicles, social privileges – you can fully realize all this by using the benefits of residence permit. It gives a foreigner or stateless person the right to reside in the country for long. You can usually work and study with it, buy and sell real estate. 

If you want to obtain the status, you must meet the conditions specified in the migration policy of the chosen country. The quickest and easiest way to get the status is residence by investment. The host country often has minimum requirements for a person who invests his personal funds. In this case, the applicant usually does not need to learn the language and confirm education and professional qualifications.   

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the main pros of possessing the document and what a person who formalizes this status can get. 

Freedom of Movement Within the EU 

It means the right to free movement and stay in the European Union’s member states. This status allows you to travel freely in all region countries, including those outside the Schengen zone. 

You can cross the border of another European country without any problems or obstacles and stay there for up to 90 consecutive days within six months. Still, you must obtain EU citizenship to settle there for a long time, e.g., years. 

Access to Employment Opportunities 

It is worth noting the possibility of working as an EU resident in the country that issued the relevant card among the essential advantages of residence permit. The working conditions of such a person, including the salary level, will be the same as for residents. 

Quality Education and Training 

When entering a higher education institution, a foreigner can obtain a student visa with the right to further residency registration in the EU. Peculiarities of education for a foreigner: 
1. Studying in a European educational institution requires prior learning of a foreign language – teaching and preparing a package of documents is carried out in this language. 
2. You must fill in the application form and provide teacher references and letters of motivation.
3. When applying to certain European universities, you may be required to take additional subject exams and tests.
After receiving the documents, the admission committee will check them and send the applicant a decision letter. 

The European Higher Education Area, created within the framework of the Bologna Process, controls and constantly improves the quality of teaching and learning there. Studying in Europe under the described status allows an international student to obtain a diploma recognized by almost all world countries. 

Healthcare Access 

The level of medicine is one of the best in the world. According to the international research report, 11 countries of the European Union are among the top twenty. Residents and european residents can enjoy quality health care services by partially or fully covering the costs with a European health insurance card. 

Stability and Security 

According to Zlata Erlach at Immigrant Invest, a foreign citizen with an EU residence permit can enjoy the same opportunities and rights as people who have lived there since birth, except the right to vote. A single medical pole provides care in all countries.  

Business and Investment Opportunities 

The main privilege open to entrepreneurs with citizenship in other states is the transfer of business to a stable economic zone. Let’s consider the advantages of residence by investment. It should be noted that it is much easier for the holder to develop his business abroad, going beyond the limited domestic market.  

Cultural Experiences and Integration 

Becoming more familiar with the culture and history of the country where you plan to stay permanently is possible. Over time, you can demonstrate integration into the local economy and society. 

Pathway to Permanent Residency or Citizenship 

After residing in the country for the number of years prescribed by law based on this status, obtaining a permanent residence permit and citizenship is possible. It takes ten years, on average, to get a passport. The period is sometimes reduced to 5 years. 

Social Benefits and Rights 

Social security of the investor and his family is among the benefits of residence by investment. They may qualify for social security pension payments. 

Family Reunification Rights 

Close relatives of a citizen or a foreigner legally residing in Europe can receive the same status as their family member. 


It is possible to obtain this status if you have a legal basis and comply with the requirements of immigration legislation. The presence of the document gives everything a foreigner needs to arrange a comfortable life in the best region of the globe. 


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