Family Beach Vacations: Priceless Pointers for Parents Who Want to Relax in the Sand

The beach is always a favorite choice for a vacation when traveling with children. Whether you’re at your local spot on the river, a family resort or a desert island retreat, if you want to enjoy your summer vacation but also have busy children you need to watch closely, check out these solutions, so you can enjoy family fun and still get some relaxation time on your family summer holidays.

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Stay Close to The Lifeguard Station 

If you’re alone on the beach with more than one young child, it pays to stay close to the lifeguard station, especially if you’re playing in or near the water. That way if one of your kids gets into trouble, help won’t be too far away. Also, remember to pay attention to the swim and surf zones.

Have Fun Playing

Get creative building sand castles, sand pies and making roads and moats. Have young kids fill a cup with water at the tide’s edge then run further up the beach to fill a bucket. You can make a race out of this. Make abstract sand sculptures by filling a bucket with half sand and half water then drizzling this mixture through a funnel. It’s great for making funky looking castles.

Take Plenty of Activities For Your Kids

Even though they may love the sand and the ocean, young kids can get bored with the beach after a while, but you may want some more time relaxing in the sun. Make sure you take plenty of things to keep them occupied, as well as beach toys. Audible books and music are always a good idea because you can play them on your mobile devices. A good coloring book app also helps because it saves you carrying coloring books and pens and pencils. You can learn more about this app here.

Take a Vacation Partner

If you’re a single parent with kids and you’re in need of a vacation, take a friend or family member with you so that you can have a little time to yourself. You can decide before you leave for vacation how you will divide your time with the kids. Even if you just get a couple of hours to yourself each afternoon, it will make all the difference. You’ll actually feel like you’ve had a vacation.

Find a Quiet Spot 

If you want some time to relax, find a quiet spot on the beach away from other vacationers and set up a chair and a shade so your kids can build sand castles while you lie back and bask with a bottle of water. It’s a good idea to let your kids give you a break every two hours or there about, so that you don’t get worn out when you’re doing other activities like playing in the water.

Have a great time at the beach with your kids. Stay safe and make sure you make some time for you to relax.


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