Commonly Asked Questions About Rooftop Tents

Despite rooftop tents existing in various forms since the 1930s, many avid campers are only just starting to explore their options. They might have grown tired of fighting a losing battle against missing poles and complex instructions with ground tents, or they’re looking for a quick and easy form of accommodation without having to buy a caravan.

In either situation, a rooftop tent can meet the mark, but thorough research can be necessary to ensure they’ll meet your needs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about rooftop tents to potentially give you the confidence you need to make a purchasing decision.  

Which Rooftop Tent is the Best? 

Most campers want the best camping equipment money can buy because they know it will suit their requirements and last the distance. There are many high-quality rooftop tent manufacturers and suppliers, but iKamper ranks as one of the best.  

There are various tent sizes, and you can also purchase additional accessories, such as awnings, ladder covers, air mattresses, and even blankets.  

Can You Sleep In a Rooftop Tent? 

The whole purpose of a rooftop tent is to enjoy a comfortable, convenient place to sleep on a camping adventure. Most of the highest-rated rooftop tents on the market are designed to be set up in mere minutes and come with a pre-installed mattress for convenience. Once you attach a ladder, you can access your tent and sleep off the ground to avoid wildlife interactions and prevent traipsing dirt and debris into your bed.  

Is it Worth Getting a Rooftop Tent? 

When you already have a perfectly good ground tent, you might question whether it’s worth investing in a rooftop tent. While everyone’s camping needs are different, many benefits can be associated with an upgrade.  

You can enjoy a far more straightforward installation process, with most rooftop tent owners proudly stating that it takes them a mere fraction of the time to set up their rooftop tent than a traditional ground tent. Many rooftop tent owners also enjoy the optional extras you can purchase, the security associated with being off the ground, and the spectacular views generally not afforded when you’re at ground level.  

Can You Put Things On the Top of a Rooftop Tent? 

If you’re going on a camping adventure, you might be doing fun things like kayaking, bush walking, and cycling, so you’ll need to carry quite a bit of gear with you. It’s only natural to ask if you can put things on top of a rooftop tent, and the answer is yes in most cases. Many rooftop tents provide enough space on the top and side for additional storage. However, you must ensure that you abide by weight capacity limits.  

Are Rooftop Tents Comfortable? 

Most campers would agree that sleeping on vacation can sometimes be much more challenging than at home, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar location. However, you might be surprised by how comfortable rooftop tents can be.  

Most of the best rooftop tents on the market come with thick, insulated polyfoam mattresses and the option to purchase additional self-inflating air mattresses. Pair them with your favorite blankets, and you might enjoy a full night’s sleep out in the wilderness.  

Rooftop tents can be a significant investment, but many avid campers will be pleased they did. Alongside being easy to set up, rooftop tents are comfortable and spacious and can go anywhere your car can go for an exciting camping adventure. 



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