How to Vacation Near the Ocean on a Student Budget

Each time you plan a beach vacation, you want to take into consideration the season. High seasons pull tourists into the vicinity, making it hard to enjoy the amenities since you would have to pay through the teeth. Most students do not have the budget to plan over-the-top vacations, so a few tricks and tips will have you vacationing in beautiful spaces reasonably cheaply. 

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Why Vacation Near the Ocean is so Attractive for Students

Most people are attracted to the ocean due to its tranquility. Some students who may not have done proper research may think that the ocean is too expensive for a vacation on a budget, so they opt for ocean essay topics to feel closer to the sea. What they may come to find out if they did a little search is that there is reasonably priced accommodation for students on a budget where you can read, relax, and write your essay without breaking the bank. 

There is an assortment of things to do at the beach. You could take long walks to clear your head in the mornings and evenings, swim in the ocean, ride bikes, snorkel, and scuba diving. If you time your stay appropriately, you can enjoy low season rates, and some establishments have discounted rates for students. 

How Students Can Rest Near the Ocean on a Budget

Here are some beach vacation tips for students and people on a budget. 

Find Cheap Accommodation

Hotels are great, especially on full-board, because you hardly get to lift a finger, but they are also expensive for most students. If you would rather spend your money on activities around your vacation area, you may be better served by an Airbnb, hostel, or a backpackers’ hotel. They are tranquil enough for you to sit down and read a research paper but also active enough to get out and enjoy a drink with other adventure seekers.  


Beach campsites are way cheaper than hotels and Airbnb, so one could easily stay for several days at such establishments for less. The examples of campsites near oceans are operated by hotels to cater to budget travelers and are safe. Some may require you to bring your own gear while others will have the tents and other necessary stuff for camping, so read the requirements carefully before booking. 

Team up With Friends

Traveling with friends is always better since you feel safer and may have the courage to explore more than you would alone, so it is among the topics you want to discuss before vacation. It also lowers the cost significantly because you would share costs with others, making it ideal for on-budget travel. 

Book During the Low Season

The beach is not always teeming with tourists, so find the time when it is relatively deserted to vacation. You will stay at costlier hotels for even half the price since they are open to discounted rates to stay open. Booking sites are gems for information on when it is cheaper to stay at certain hotels, so check as many of them as you can before settling for a specific one. 

Best Beach Resorts Available

Here are some great US resorts that students will love. 

Cambria, California – This may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of budget travel, but Cambria has gems that will not break the bank. 

Lincoln City, Oregon – You will be surprisingly shocked at the scenic spaces you can actually afford. 

Corpus Christi, Texas – How does a little gambling sound after several hours in the sun? 

Biloxi, Mississippi – The lighthouse, among other things, awaits you in Biloxi. 

Olcott, New York – Take a short bus ride to the Niagara Falls State Park waterfalls. 

Huntington Beach: You will love this even more if you are a surfer. 

Virginia Beach – Famous for its water games. 

Mexico Beach, Florida – Beach walks were invented for Florida beaches. 


We hope you now know you don’t need elaborate plans and budgets to plan a vacation on a beach. Whether you want to relax and read free essays, rest after a school term, or simply get away to a nice place, the ocean provides all you need to break away. You just need a good plan to get your vacation plans going. 


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