How to Plan a Stress-Free Destination Bridal Shower


You’ve been asked to be the maid of honor for your best friend’s big day, which means the pressure is on to help her plan the wedding and stay stress-free in the months to come. But even more importantly, it’s your job to help her make a few special memories before she becomes a Mrs., starting with a bridal shower. 

If you want to plan a unique affair that’s fun for both the bride-to-be and her guests, a destination bridal shower is a great choice. With a fun venue and a whole weekend to celebrate, you can help your friend create some special memories of her last few months as a single woman. Keep reading to learn how to plan a stress-free, luxurious destination bridal shower. 

Send Save the Dates Out as Soon as Possible 

Unlike a traditional bridal shower, most — if not all — of the invited guests will need plane tickets. They’ll also need a little extra time off of work. The more notice you’re able to give them, the better. 

Unfortunately, this also means you’ll still be in the early stages of planning the event when the save the dates need to go out. To keep the entire affair from feeling rushed or disorganized, opt for matching save the dates and bridal shower invitations. This will help the entire shower feel a bit more luxurious right from the start. 

Hire a Planner 

If you think wedding planners are only needed for the big day, think again. When you’re hosting a bridal shower far from home, trying to coordinate all the little details can be nearly impossible. After all, you’re likely unfamiliar with venues and caterers in the area. Plus, you won’t be able to give directions to vendors or deal with last-minute changes while you’re traveling to and from the destination. 

To that end, hiring a bridal shower planner or event coordinator can take the stress out of planning your destination bridal shower. This way, you can focus on enjoying the day and celebrating with the bride-to-be. 

Pack Shipping Supplies 

One important detail you might not think about when planning a destination bridal shower is how to get gifts back home after the event. If you want to avoid a last-minute rush to the store to get shipping boxes, packing tape and other supplies, plan to bring these along or coordinate with your planner to have these items on hand. That way, when the shower is over, the gifts can be easily packed and shipped back home. 

The growing popularity of online registries over registries found in retail stores can also help with this. While some guests may prefer to have a gift on-hand for the bride to open during the shower, the ability to order gifts online and have them shipped directly to the bride will not only help you avoid shipping gifts home but also clear up space in your guests’ luggage for more cute outfits for the weekend. 

Then, for the actual bridal shower, your guests can simply bring a card or let the bride know that her gift is on its way. Plus, opening the gifts after the bridal shower weekend is a great way to keep the fun and excitement going as the wedding day approaches! 

Let Your Destination Inspire the Theme of Your Shower 

A destination bridal shower should make it easy for you to decide on a theme for the event; simply let the location inspire you. For instance, a seaside getaway makes for a perfect beach-themed shower, while a wine tasting-themed bridal shower would be the perfect complement to your Napa Valley destination. 

Once you’ve set your destination and your theme, make sure that both inspire your other decisions. From your save the dates and invitations to your party games and favors, the theme of your event should be evident, if not subtle, in every detail. 

Planning a Destination Bridal Shower 

Whether the majority of your guests are already planning to travel for the shower, you and the bride have a touch of wanderlust, or you just want to plan a unique, fun way to celebrate the bride, you can’t go wrong with a destination bridal shower. 

From letting a wedding planner coordinate the details to sending out save the dates early, having shipping supplies on hand and choosing a theme inspired by your destination, these tips can help you plan a dreamy, memorable shower to celebrate the special bride-to-be. 



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