10 Incredible Places to Visit in the Canadian Rockies

When someone mentions the name, Rocky Mountains, it is common to immediately think of America. However, although perhaps not as well known, the Rockies begin in Canada before stretching down the west of North America to New Mexico.

Canada itself is only bested by Russia as the biggest nation in the world, with an area covering 9.985 million km². The country also boasts the longest coastline of any country, and yet, the population is just 38 million.

There are numerous reasons to visit Canada, as you will see below. The Rockies are definitely one place worth visiting, although it would take an awful lot of trips to cover the whole range.

To make your choices easier, here are 10 of the most incredible places in the Canadian Rockies, and also some other reasons to put this great country on your travel list.


Why visit Canada?

Now that travel is starting to open up more again, many people are itching to get away. Plans are being made, and soon, many will buy a ticket somewhere and pack their backpack.

With good reason, Canada will be many people’s choice of destination in 2022. This is a country full of stunning scenery, and welcoming people. The country is a paradise for those that love hiking, and outdoor pursuits such as kayaking.

With over 2 million lakes and rivers, it is perhaps not surprising that paddling on Canada’s pristine waters is popular.

Other reasons to visit Canada include taking in an ice hockey game, trying poutine and of course maple syrup, and also the national parks.

The wildlife in Canada is one of the biggest reasons to visit, though some should be avoided. Out of all the tips every traveler needs to know when heading to Canada, it is to watch out for the bears. Exciting to spot in national parks, not good to get too close to.  

Where to visit in the Canadian Rockies?

There are way too many beautiful spots in the Canadian Rockies to list here, so these are just ten of the most incredible places to visit. Each is well worth your time, and they each have their own unique merits.

Banff National Park

Morant’s Curve

If you like nothing more than taking in the most stunning scenery, then this viewpoint is for you. This location is in Banff National Park, which is just one of seven parks that are waiting to thrill visitors.

Morant’s Curve is a famous destination for photographers and is one of those iconic snaps that anyone heading to Banff National Park must take.


If you are heading for a trip to Banff National Park, then you shouldn’t miss out on Canmore.

Canmore was once a mining town and is now considered one of the most beautiful, and healthy places to live in Canada. A small population that values the outdoors and their natural surroundings have managed to keep a small-town vibe, but with everything, you could need.

There are many things to do in Canmore, including white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, golf, and biking. Although many pursuits are of the outdoor variety, as you would expect, there are good reasons to make Canmore your base for a couple of nights.

Many restaurants are providing local and international cuisine. Plus there is a healthy nightlife, and plenty of boutiques and unique stores to explore.

Lake Louise

This lake is situated in Banff National Park. Many people prefer Jasper National Park (see below) as it is quieter than Banff. However, Banff offers many superb truly photogenic sights such as Lake Louise.

Moraine Lake

This lake is one of those picture-perfect brilliant blue areas of water that you normally only see in the movies or on the internet. Visitors to Banff National Park can enjoy this stunning lake in real life though. Fed from glaciers in the park, this lake also features on the back of the one-dollar bill.

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

This is where Banff National Park originated from and grew out of. At first sight, this may not seem much of a big deal, but entering the cave to the underground lake will lead you to a place of great importance to the indigenous people of Canada.

Jasper National Park

One of the must-see places in Canada for your bucket list should be Jasper National Park. This is the greatest park in the Canadian Rockies and covers around 11,000 sq ft.

Jasper National Park has everything you could expect from the Rockies. Glaciers, waterfalls, fantastic hiking, magnificent peaks, and the Jasper Skytram.

The Jasper Skytram is a very thrilling way to arrive at the observation building on Whistler Mountain. Once you are there, you can summit Whistler itself.

This national park is also home to some clear blue lakes, and one area, in particular, has more than its fair share, plus it has some great hiking.

Valley of the Five Lakes

If you are looking for a little activity in Jasper, but not so strenuous that you need a holiday afterward, then head to the Valley of the Five Lakes.

No prizes for guessing what is here, but these lakes are beautiful with emerald and blue colors between them. Around this area, some hiking trails are no more than moderate in difficulty.

All of this makes for a beautiful place to relax, and to take a light hike around to enjoy all that the five lakes have to offer. Perfect for anyone not quite up for summiting Whistler, but who also doesn’t want to sit still for too long.

Athabasca Falls

Still, in Jasper National Park – you could spend your entire trip here, to be honest – the Athabasca Falls is a magnificent sight to behold.

It takes about one hour to hike to the Athabasca Falls, but those who take the route will be rewarded. This is a busy spot in Jaspar Falls and for good reason. While the Athabasca Falls is not in any way the widest or tallest waterfall in the Rockies, they are the most powerful.

Despite the immense power of the falls, they can actually freeze in the winter, leaving highly impressive natural ice formations.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

Moving on to a different national park now. There are plenty of national parks to choose from, but this one is famous for having the highest peak in the Rockies, in Mount Robson.

Yoho National Park

This park in British Columbia is high on many people’s lists due to the stunning glacial lakes. This is where the Emerald Lake is situated, and once you see it you will understand why it is so-called.


The Canadian Rockies extend for around 1,000 miles heading south from northern British Columbia to the USA. All along the Rockies, there are magnificent places to visit, waterfalls to marvel at, and scenery of such natural beauty you will thank yourself for bringing the camera.

Any trip to Canada should include at least some part of the Rockies if at all possible. In reality, even a holiday of a few weeks wouldn’t be long enough to take in all the possible sights along with the mountain range and the surrounding areas.

If you can just spend some time there though, you will see the true beauty of Canada, and have some wonderful memories to add to the rest of your travels.


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