Visiting Canada in the Winter

Travelling to Canada is an excellent experience for all tourists. But, few want to visit during winter because of the bitter cold and lack of activities. Fortunately, unless you head into the far north, the temperatures won’t be too cold. Visiting Canada in the winter can be a completely different experience and there are still lots of awesome things to do.

Visiting Canada in the Winter
Winter Sports
Don your skis or get on the snowboard and head to the mountains in this frozen wonderland. There are endless opportunities to visit resorts, go backcountry and have some fun in the snow. Depending on where you travel in Canada, you’re almost certain to find somewhere nearby for a day of skiing or snowboarding.
Enjoy the Winter Wonderland
What can be more beautiful than waking up each morning and seeing the landscape covered in a thick blanket of white snow? The mountains, forests and cities all have a certain charm about them in winter. And you can take this to the next level by getting a pair of snowshoes and heading off into the wilderness. Snowshoeing, in case you didn’t know, are attachments that you put onto your boots which in turn help you to walk over the snow. It gives you the opportunity to explore the places you would have otherwise missed. Just remember to follow the set trails and bring your camera.
Visit Toronto
Winters in Toronto are cold, but they rarely see temperatures as frigid as other parts of the country. Tourists can fly in to Toronto and spend a few days exploring the city and soaking up the unique culture. The city, near Lake Ontario, has more than 100 different ethnic groups making it feel incredibly diverse. You can visit Chinatown in the morning or little Korea later in the day. It also gives you access to a range of authentic food. Having a holiday in Toronto is perfect at any time of the year.
Gives You a Chance to Hit the Museums
How many of us actually visit the museums when we go on vacation? Soaking up the culture and experiencing the very best the destination has in terms of art and history is a must. But only a few of us end up spending any time inside the museums and galleries. The added advantage of having dark and gloomy weather is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to get to grips with the best the city has to offer.
The Romance
Travelling in the winter can be surprisingly romantic. When the weather is cold and there are fewer daylight hours, it gives you more chance to spend your time with your partner in the café or having a romantic dinner. You can also take advantage of great Niagara Falls packages which offer services such as relaxing spa treatments or wine tours and tastings in Niagara Wine Country. Rustic and traditional log cabins might all be available to rent at more affordable prices too.
Taking a Holiday to Canada in the Winter
Canada is a beautiful country with lots of things to do and see at all times of the year. When the temperature drops, tourists can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hit the museums and have a romantic experience. Just because the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean you should avoid Canada in the winter.


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