A Heaven for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts: 5 Compelling Reasons to Make Panama Your Next Holiday Destination 

When it comes to outdoor sports, most families don’t immediately think of Panama. There are many different places around the world better known for having the ultimate experience in outdoor sports.   

If you and your family are thinking of traveling to Panama, think about Exoticca tour packages which offer the ultimate in sports, leisure and fun for everyone. 

Here are 5 compelling reasons to make Panama your next holiday destination.   

  1. Swimming and Surfing

surfing in Panama

If you and your family are experienced swimmers, then The Red Frog Beach in the Isla of Bastimentos. People who are strong swimmers find the current and breaking waves perfect for a day at the beach and in the beautiful blue waters.   

If you are looking for calmer waters, than Starfish Beach near Bocas, which is protected, is more for you and your family. This area is further from town, so it may be a day trip from your hotel, but worth the travel time.    

  1. Fishing and Sea Tours

There are many reliable and safe fishing and sea tours in Panama. Choosing one that is right for your family is not a difficult task if you know what you want.   

Several of the fishing tours offer both inshore and offshore fishing trips. This means you can go out on a boat and fish or you and your family can fish from the shore on a nice sandy beach. The fishing from the shore option might be better for small children and those who get motion sick on boats.   

  1. Camping and Hiking

One of the most exciting camping and hiking tours is the Volcan Baru Camping Trip. The “el Volcan Baru” is 11,400 feet tall and the highest point in all of Panama. From this vantage point, which takes about two full days to reach, you will be able to view both coastlines.   

You will experience the beautiful scenery that includes a dense jungle, grass-covered rolling hills, and rocky cliffs. You must be healthy to climb this mountain and have a great appreciation for hiking and camping.   

  1. Golfing

Located on a wildlife sanctuary, the Bay Pointe Golf Club overlooks the Grand Lagoon. This course is designed by the award-winning golfer Jack Nicklaus and changes often to give golfers new and exciting plays. It was created for both the amateur and the professional golfers, so there is something for everyone.   

  1. Nature and Wildlife

If you love nature and animals, Panama has the best outings and places to tour for your passion. The La India Dormida or Sleeping Indian Girl trail is one of the best for all types of nature lovers. There are extreme hikes and more moderate ones, each with plenty of wildlife to view as they go about their daily activities. In addition, there are beautiful waterfalls to view and photograph. 

 Just remember to leave the Panama area the same as you found it, in pristine condition for others and the animals to continue to enjoy. 





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