Outdoor Fun: 5 Outdoor Activities to Try with Your Friends 

Whether you live in an urban jungle or in the wide-open countryside, summer is the time to try out some new adventures with friends. Those sweet, brief days of summer mean long sunsets, lazy days, and the urge to explore! Feeling overwhelmed by all the options and lists of things you might want to try this summer? Here are 5 great outdoor activities we suggest trying with your friends!

Water balloon fight

Hot city day on the horizon and no swimming hole in site? Break out the water balloons! Having a water balloon fight is a great way to tap into your inner child and have some fun running around, teaming up, and cooling off! Not sure about that throwing arm? Water balloon launchers and multi-balloon fillers like those from Walmart are a great way to get the most “splash” for your buck!


Get outside and explore by going on a hike! A hike is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, stay in shape, and connect with friends. Even if you live in a major city, there are still a variety of hiking trails you can take advantage of that are rarely far from the city. Be sure to bring water, bug spray, and a GPS unit to make sure you don’t get lost! Hikes are also a great way to involve your furry friends. Bring your dogs along for a day of fun for everyone. Be sure to check them for ticks at the end!


Urban or rural canoeing is one of the best ways we’ve found to spend a serene day on the water. The placid, silent beauty of the rivers or lakes is a perfect way to spend some time in the sun with friends. Don’t have a canoe? Find a canoe or kayak rental spot has become exceptionally easy these days with just a few Google searches. You would be amazed at the locations near you that are perfect for a relaxing paddle.

Food Truck Crawl

Want to spend the day in the city and eat with a purpose? Try your hand at creating a food truck crawl with your friends! Decide on your favorite trucks and then track them down, plotting where they will be either within walking or biking distance. With food trucks becoming ubiquitous with the USA, it’s easy to find a multitude of different food offerings even in small cities.


us road trip tips

Got some friends with deep woods interests? Fishing a perfect way to spend a day in nature. Whether you want to spend a day in a rowboat with your poles lazily hung over the sides while you sip a couple cold beers, or get involved in something more active like fly-fishing, fishing is a great way to connect with friends and escape the rush of modern life for a day. Even if you’re not going on a multi-day affair, it’s important to be prepared for anything to come up when fishing. Good gear, emergency supplies, and a pair of solid, waterproof boots should all be in your pack. Look for lists of the best hunting boots to get a better understanding of what kind of footwear you should be packing. Trekking through the woods is no time for flip-flops, even in July!

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