Once in a lifetime: experiences you may never forget

Whether your next vacation will be with your kids, partner, friends, or even solo, you may want it to include some great new experiences. While there may be a number of tourist attractions on offer, there might be some things that you will be unlikely to do again. Therefore, when you plan on visiting a new destination, it may be a good idea to look at the more bizarre or extreme items on the agenda, as well as those commonly undertaken by other travellers like you.  

Take a helicopter ride 

Unless you are incredibly wealthy, it is unlikely that you own or frequently use a helicopter. Therefore, this may not be something that you have ever experienced before. When travelling to New York, you may want to think about how a Manhattan helicopter tour could allow you to see the city from an entirely new angle. While you might be content to walk around surrounded by millions of people for the rest of your stay, it can be very humbling to see the size of the city, and surrounding area, from up in the sky. This may be suitable for adults, as well as older children. Those who are younger may be averse to the noise that helicopters can make. Therefore, this excursion may be better suited to older travelling parties. 

Cross the country 

woman reading map on a road trip

It may take approximately six eight-hour days to travel from the East Coast to the West Coast in the US. This, of course, does not account for stopping or seeing the sights along the way. Should you have a lot of time available, you may want to consider a road trip around some of the greatest sights in the country. You don’t necessarily need to have set destinations in mind, as you may find some great experiences along the way. However, if you do wish to go to specific places, it can be important to plan your journey as much as possible. This can include gas stations and places to stay, as well as toilets or restaurants to keep your family at their best. 

Life underwater 

While you may often enjoy trips to the beach and spending time in the water, that may not compare to being able to swim and breathe underneath it. Adults may love the opportunity to be able to scuba dive underwater and see the creatures swimming around them. Should you wish to add a thrill to this already-exciting adventure, you might be able to find destinations that also allow you to cage dive around wild sharks. This can be incredibly dangerous, so it is important to listen to instructors and guides, and follow what they say closely. The result can be the opportunity to spend time with some powerful fish, while being able to get some great photos to take home. You might want to ensure you have a waterproof camera suitable for underwater usage before you embark. 

Although general vacations can be fun, you may want to consider the ways that you can make each trip magical. This way, you can continue making memories you can hold onto for years. 


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