An Ode to My Travel Magnet from Chengdu in China

I’ve never thought much about a travel magnet or souvenirs when traveling. But this time it was different, after my visit to Chengdu China. I just couldn’t resist buying a travel magnet on my way back as a reminder for the magnificent experience I had. Every time I look at the magnet, I am reminded of my enjoyable experience of looking at those cute baby pandas for the first time!

Since then, I have even fallen in love with buying and collecting fridge magnets as wonderful memories of my worldly escapades.

Here’s the story of how it all happened.

Last year, I finally made it to Chengdu in China. I had been toying with the idea of exploring the natural habitat of the giant panda and visit the research center for rare wildlife. Chengdu is enjoying a lot of importance worldwide because it is seen as the spot for the largest breeding population of pandas.

I volunteered and secured my position beforehand at the Dujiangyan Panda Base of the Giant Panda Research Center. The idea was to work closely with the pandas and see how they are taking care of. It was indeed interesting to work with the team of volunteers and care for the pandas under the supervision of the center’s staff. It was indeed one of the most exceptional experiences of my life as I got to spend every morning with the cutest creatures in China! I made a special visit to the red panda section to see those adorable animals. It was fun caring for the baby and adult panda in the Breeding Center. These quiet but territorial creatures need to live in a safe and stress-free environment. It was fascinating to learn how a baby panda grows into an adult panda. My guide let me look at the delicate newborns, but I was not allowed to touch or take pictures. He told me that it is essential for the baby pandas to live and relax in a natural environment

I got fascinating insights about panda behavior and tried to make most of the limited time I had at Chengdu. I took out time to visit the famous Buddhist temple, Wenshu Monastery that boasts of masses of cultural relics. Before I headed back, I chose a beautiful magnet that showed a panda eating bamboo.

chengdu china fridge magnet

My experience turned even more memorable as I was allowed to hold a six-month-old baby giant panda and get my photograph taken. It was indeed an overwhelming experience to hold those small balls of furs and click pictures with the -year-old baby pandas! I am glad I have a travel magnet that reminds me of that wonderful trip and makes me appreciate and be thankful for the fantastic visit and experience. The magnet stuck on the fridge reminds me of Chengdu and the cute baby pandas.

In fact, Daniel Scott Kitchens is asking people to submit their favorite holiday magnet and enter a competition. The participants have to share a story behind the magnets and get the chance to win a holiday voucher. Well, needless to say, I plan to enter the competition and submit this favorite holiday magnet from Chengdu.