Discover the Most Underrated European Countries for Your Next Vacation

There is no doubt that Europe has always been one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. As the world begins to recover from the pandemic and travel has become safe again, travelers are looking for exciting places to visit.

There are many things to see and do in classic European cities such as London, Paris, and Rome. However, they also have a higher price tag and a larger crowd. To find affordable accommodations or to fight the crowds at your favorite attractions, you may need to spend a great deal of time and energy.

Throughout Europe, many places have just as much to offer as those on the beaten path but are considered less known and less crowded. Montenegro holidays are just as enjoyable as a vacation in any other major city, and you can see and do a great deal for a fraction of the cost. Let’s look at a few of the most underrated European countries for your next vacation.

Sibiu Romania

Castles are one of the most charming things that draw visitors to Europe and are one of the most popular attractions. Visiting one of Romania’s most famed castles, the Bran Castle, will give you chills as you discover its secrets, including its connection to Dracula. The countryside of Romania is home to some of the most ornate and historically significant castles in the world. The Constanta Casino is an essential attraction for architecture lovers. In addition to the underground theme park, several elegant beaches along the coast are worth visiting.


Nestled between Italy, Croatia, and Austria, the stunning country of Slovenia has all the old-world charm of its larger border countries at a much lower coast. The capital city of Ljubljana is the perfect place to enjoy the day strolling the streets of Old Town along a charming river. There is something special about Slovenia’s small towns that attract visitors from all over the world. With its alpine landscape, Slovenia makes the perfect destination for photographers who are looking for a relaxing vacation.

Kotor Montenegro
Tucked between the sea and the mountains, Montenegro is one of the most underrated European destinations. With dozens of intriguing small towns to explore, visitors can enjoy the history and welcoming atmosphere of the countryside. One of the most enjoyable attractions in Montenegro is a rafting tour through the towering cathedral walls of the Tara Canyon. Comparable only to the great wall of the Grand Canyon, the Tara Canyon is a must-see attraction in Montenegro.


While Albania has not always enjoyed a stellar reputation as a vacation destination, the country has worked hard in the past two decades to overcome that stigma. A visit to the colorful city of Tirana will intrigue tourists and demonstrate the culture and art of the country. Albania is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Visitors can also visit the town of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage site commonly known as “The City of A Thousand Windows.”

When planning your next European tour, consider these intriguing and underrated countries and enjoy a trip down the road less traveled.


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