10 Tips for making a travel video

People have a love/hate relationship with videos. They are super lazy and hardly enjoy making videos, especially the ones during travel tours.

That’s because the video-making procedure is considered to be overwhelming by many individuals. But videos of every type must be circulated online, especially on social media platforms, considering how fast this form of communication and even business marketing has taken center stage.

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The tips below will help you make some of the greatest travel videos without going through any hassle. No, you cannot be an expert at making travel videos instantly, but yes, you can get a good response from the viewers who watch your videos. Let’s dive in!

  1. Have the Location in Mind

If you want to create maximum impact with your video, choose a location wisely. Simply going for a ransacked building located beside a construction site will not inspire the viewers. Choose varied places for filming, the quiet ones; the beaches; the cliffs; the oceans, and the restaurants.

Make sure the location you are choosing says the complete story of your short break. The background also matters, so watch it out when choosing your location.

  1. Watch Tons of Travel Videos

Learning is a never-ending procedure. Even if you are skilled at video making, there is no harm in honing your skills further. Watching different travel videos will be a good way for you to get some inspiration on varied editing and filming styles.

Remember, you should be inspired by the videos and not copy the same in your work. The task might be a bit daunting, but it will surely bring amazing results for you as a vlogger.

  1. Get the Right Video Shooting Gear

Remember, your travel video should always start with a complete packing list. Prior to setting off for the destination, ensure you have everything required for getting those preferred shots right in place.

You will have to decide on the type of camera you will be using. There are high-end models available in the market, starting from point-and-shoot cameras and handheld camcorders to DSLR cameras.

In addition to this, if you want to record audio, then you must definitely get an external microphone of the highest quality.

  1. Use an Online Video Editor

An online video editor will help you in editing your travel videos at a very fast pace, so you do not miss out on the perks of your vacation. There are different varieties of online video editors available out there in the market.

You can go for both the paid and the free versions of the editors. There are even subscription-based programs available, and these can be really great for beginners looking to make travel videos.

To be more specific, always try going for editors with intuitive interfaces and the ones that can be used very easily.

  1. Plan Videos in Advance

Say you are traveling to a certain place for filming a city break-style video. Before verging out, you will have to decide on the type of video you are looking to create. Will you be speaking in the video? Will your video feature snippets of varied locations? Do you want to make a cinematic style, dreamy video?

It is a good idea to answer all these questions prior to starting with the video-making job. This is because most beginners make the mistake of not planning properly and just shooting random stuff for their travel videos. They are of the view that everything will come to place during the editing procedure, but that’s not the case.

  1. Storyboarding Is of Good Help

Always consider incorporating story or narration in your travel video. You can do this either during the trip or even after the trip. This involves talking while recording or shooting selfie-style videos allowing the viewers to know what you are actually doing.

Adding narratives to your video even after the trip will work. This will be one good way of reflecting on travel memories.

  1. Get the Best Shots Possible

Just a bit of confidence and courage will take you through the journey of getting some of the greatest shots while making travel videos. You will have to figure out the things and the moments you want to film at the destination.

When making travel videos, you must avoid pulling out your camera instinctively when you see something really interesting. Instead, you must plan your shots smartly and way ahead of time, so you will easily get the footage you are looking for.

  1. Do Not Forget Music

If you want to make an epic travel video, remember, it should include the best song or music. But then, if you are willing to upload your video on a social media platform, make sure that the music you are choosing does not have copyright issues.

Look out for royalty-free music that can be downloaded and used for free. Credit the original source of the music in your video.

  1. Give It Some Time

Remember, when making travel videos, everything will take longer than you actually think. You will have to create the right setting first and then set up your gear. Next, you will have to level your camera and practice the shot you are willing to take. These and other procedures will take time. So, be warned and plan accordingly.

  1. Shoot in a Way that It Requires Editing

You will have to put in your best in shooting the right travel video, but then you must also make video editing a priority. For this, you will have to pre-decide on the online video editor that you will be using for editing and creating the perfect video. You can also try adding voiceovers to your travel videos using realistic text to speech software to make your video more engaging.


Making a travel video is all about fun, excitement, and some form of learning, of course. If it is not your job, then treat the entire thing as a fun day out with friends and family. This will be your chance to meet interesting individuals, exploring secret places, and making a record of the experience you have.


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