Flying with Your Drone: Packing Tips and Airport Regulations You Need to Know

You’re interested in taking your drone with you while traveling. Of course, to ensure a hassle-free plane ride, you need to be familiar with regulations and restrictions regarding your device. Also, being a novice drone traveler, you may need a reminder regarding what to carry-on, pack, or do without. Here’s what we know and you need to be aware of.

Pay Attention to the Batteries

Some assume that their actual drone may draw attention, but when it comes to airports, your batteries are of security concern. Take your batteries out of the drone and remote control. It’s best to keep your batteries on you with your carry-on luggage. Otherwise, they may be confiscated if left in your checked luggage.

Get a Carrying Case

If you love your drone enough to take it with you on vacation, then you should consider buying a carrying case. Sure, if you do a good job of packing, you can probably pack your drone along with some other luggage. However, a larger drone should have its own case. A hard shell case is your best bet in avoiding damage during travel.

Carry It On

If you have a solid carrying case then you should feel confident about leaving your drone to possible handling, inspection, etc. However, if the thought of your drone being handled and potentially damaged by security and airport personnel bothers you, plan to bring the drone case on the flight. That way, you’ll be able to see security handle your drone.

Bring Extra Supplies

Some are relieved to get through security and their flight only to be shocked to see a damaged part once they arrive at their vacation destination. Such an unfortunate instance can be avoided by bringing extra supplies such as propellers, batteries, etc. Find supplies online along with suggestions related to the best drones for sale.

Bring More Batteries

I’ve mentioned bringing added supplies but the attention to batteries cannot be overstated. Aside from a battery getting damaged during a flight, you need to think about where you will charge while using your drone in a foreign place. Unless you’re well acquainted with the layout of the vacation destination, you may find yourself running out of battery life with limited options to recharge on the go.

Know the Customs of the Destination

While you have no problems flying your drone in your neighborhood and surrounding area, you may be unfamiliar with the customs in your destination. In worst case scenarios, you could violate a local law or custom of the people. It’s best to research beforehand and survey once you arrive. You don’t want to fly around people who may get offended or even aggressive.

Grow Familiar with Parts and Repair

You don’t need to wait for an accident to happen to pay attention to the basic internal components of your drone. Buy a repair kit and do a bit of tinkering. Start by taking some parts off or out and cleaning, just so you’re more familiar. You don’t need to procure mechanic level skills yet knowing a bit about how your drone works and how individual parts contribute is beneficial.

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