How to live in Corfu like the Durrells

Gerald Darrell’s classic, widely read book called “My Family and Other Animals was televised by the BBC back in 1987, but this time the reboot tv show “The Durrells” is based on Gerald Darrell’s Corfu trilogy of books ” My family and other animals “,” Birds, beasts and relatives” and “The garden of the gods “. The series tells the story of the Darrell family who settled on the island of Corfu in 1935 and lived there until 1939. The series highlights aspects of family life that we all recognize and depicts childhood with fond memories. These elements, in combination with the excellent script, the interpretations and the idyllic Corfu, gave the ticket of success to the series.


Widow Louise Darrell “packs” her four children and leaves Great Britain for the enchanting Corfu in March 1935. Initially, the family settles in Kontokali and then moves to the “White House”; a fisherman’s hut in Kalami. There the family chooses an utterly unconventional way of life, which profoundly influences the young Gerald. We watch the series go as the Darrell family is struggling to adapt, despite the difficulties, to this indomitable paradise.

The Darrell family really loved the enchanting landscape of Corfu, with that raw and serene beauty of the old days on the island. On this island, they found the peace and security they were looking for after leaving England, with a sojourn that lasted for four beautiful years. How would you like to get a house on the magical island of Corfu, not only for four years but for a lifetime? Now you can make your own personal refuge on the beautiful island of Corfu, as long as you search correctly. With the help of Roula Rouva and her real estate agency – the largest on the island – the largest on the island – you will definitely find a place in this earthly paradise.

Why live in Corfu?

Please get to know the history of the island and its historical wealth, visiting the Venetian monuments, the Byzantine churches and the Venetian castles. Walk in the lovely road-settlement “Liston” which with its French architecture and Venetian lanterns will take you to simpler times. Get lost in the labyrinthine cantons that run through the city, with the small squares, the little cafes and the neoclassical houses that compete in beauty with the respective “campis” of Venice. Walking in Spiniada, the largest square in the Balkans, you will be impressed by its beautiful buildings. Get enchanted, from the beaches, where the green of its forests reflects in the crystal clear waters. Blue-green and emerald beaches, sometimes sandy, sometimes pebbled and sometimes surrounded by cliffs! You will have the opportunity to visit and be ecstatic by the luxury of the palaces of Corfu, such as Achillion, where Princess Sissy lived, but also Mon Repo! You will also experience Easter in Corfu. Easter in Corfu is a unique experience for every visitor, as within the custom “Botides” where all the streets are filled with fragments of pitchers, which fall from the balconies of city buildings! That is definitely something you don’t see every day.

Finally, Corfiot cuisine includes delicacies that every ordinary traveller or every “gourmet traveller” should look for. Chefs awarded with Michelin stars, in restaurants and hotels raise the quality to the heights and shape the typical gastronomic experience of the island. Try flavours that are identical to the place such as pastitsada, pastitsio dolce, porpes, sofrito and burdeto.

Suppose you watched the Darrell series and you were enchanted by the incomparable beauty of the place, which captures another era of innocence and peace, one might say. In that case, an impending visit to the island and the purchase of a potential home will prove to you what you already know inside: that Corfu is the place that fulfils all your gleaming imagination.


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