Sailing Holiday Guide to Greece

A sailing holiday in summer is like a dream for many. Imagine lounging in a cruise or a yacht while the sea breeze kisses your face and the setting rays of the sun over the ocean casts magical shadows. Sounds incredible right? A sailing holiday in Greece is like turning your sailing dreams to reality.  

The Greek archipelago is one of the most popular sailing destination and is a great place to get the sailing experience for both the novice as well as expert sailors. Sailing holidays in Greece and all over the world are gaining popularity especially in the summer months.  

Be it diving, fishing or windsurfing there is a lot to experience out of a sailing holiday. With a sailing trip in Greece, you can enjoy an incredible Aegean voyage experience that will be imprinted in your memory forever. 


The Greek Sailing Experience 

Greece is the most popular sailing location in the world, considering it has over 3,000 beautiful islands with great scenic beauty.  

The fact that Greece allows both novice and pro sailors the opportunity to sail in the waters, makes it a sailing hotspot. Every summer you will see, beautiful yachts and gulets billowing in the azure waters sailing past the islands. 

The best sailing areas include the Sardonic Gulf, the Cyclades, the Sporades and the Dodecanese. While the Sardonic Gulf and the Ionian Sea are perfect for beginners, the Cyclades waters are more suited to the professional sailors. 

And when you have spent quite a long time in the waters, you can dock in the beautiful marinas like Gouvia Marina, Lefkas marina, kalamata marina and many other marinas. 

Sailing conditions in Greece 

You can enjoy a sailing experience in Greece in different conditions. It all comes to your preference really. Starting from simple charter yachts to luxury gulets that operate on a 5 star standard are available. 

The thing about luxury sailing is that your yacht will be more spacious with sleeping arrangements for more than 15 people. But a less opulent yacht is no less. With a smaller yacht you will feel like you are camping out on the sea, which is another incredible experience. 

Although Wi-Fi won’t be available out on the sea and you would have to share a bathroom but the experience that a sailing experience gives is borderline euphoric and you will never want to come out of this sailing odyssey. 

Places to go sailing in Greece 

Greece archipelago is quite a vast one and it will take you a couple of days to explore this beautiful country. 

There are quite a few places that you can target on your sailing trip, which includes the major Greek islands. 

  • Cyclades 

Naxos Greece

Located in the southeastern part of the mainland, Cyclades archipelago consists of key tourist highlights like Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos.  

You can also sail around Syros and Sifnos, which are smaller islands in the Cyclades. But they make for a very peaceful spot to absorb in the vibe of the sea. 

Anchor in the main harbor in Cyclades or in the more secluded coves, it’s totally all up to you how you want to enjoy your time.  

  • Dodecanese 

The Dodecanese archipelago sits on the eastern side of the Greek mainland, sailing past the Cyclades in the eastern side, you can reach the island archipelago. 

This tiny cluster of islands is near the border the Turkey. The small bays and the fortified ancient cities attract a lot of here.  

  • Ionian sea 

Ionian Sea is probably the most popular sailing location in Greece and is influence mostly by European culture. Although the site is perfect for sailing, the winds here can be pretty tough to tackle. 

Ionian Sea has multiple marinas, so you have quite the few options to dock your boat. The bays and harbors are very picturesque and if you want to try traditional Greek food, Ionian Sea islands are just the place.  

  • Peloponnese 

One of the more scenic peninsulas in Greece, Peloponnese is connected to the Greek mainland through Corinth Canal. 

Corinth Canal in Greece

Beautiful bays, high mountains and lush green vineyards marks this lovely island. You can also spot some ancient ruins of Greek history here, which speaks of medieval culture and architecture of Greece.  

  • Crete 

Crete island is most definitely the sunniest island of Greece and here you can simply lay out in the sun and relax as the summer breeze from the sea caresses your face. 

Crete is mostly famous for beach holidays and the landscapes here is simply breathtaking. A perfect spot to unwind after some time on the sea.  

  • The Sporades 

Much like the Ionian Sea, the Sporades too is a nice sailing spot in Greece, although the crowd is mostly of beginner sailors. 

Greek cultural sites and ruins are found in these islands and the nature here is unbound and very picturesque. 

If you want to take a short sailing trip on the Greek waters, you can head to the Sporades and enjoy some beach time in the scenic beaches.  

Best time for sailing in Greece 

The sailing season in Greece runs from April to November. Much like other Mediterranean countries the peak sailing season is during June through September. It is at this time of the year when the waters are full of sailboats and yachts, sailing from one island to another. 

Expect the marinas to be crowded and to find a mooring location becomes quite a task. The restaurants and the shops are almost always open for the crowds flocking the marinas. This is one of the most important factors in planning your cruise holiday 

Greece sailing trips cost 

The cost of a sailing trip varies depending on the type and size of the boat that you are using and also the season you are sailing in. 

A 3 cabin 2 bathroom boat will cost around 2000 euros per week additionally the fuel charge will include 150 to 200 euros. 

Tips for sailing in Greece

  1. Before you agree with the charter group, make sure that you understand their terms properly. 
  2. Before signing delivery statement take a good check of the engine and make sure that it’s functioning properly. 
  3. Research as much as you can about the cruising area, the geography and wind speed etc. GPS won’t always work in the sea. 
  4. Before you set out to sail know the weather forecast for the day/days. 
  5. Be careful while approaching the ports as all the ports are not perfectly organized. 

Things to pack 

  1. Clothing: Take 4 to 5 pair of shorts, 5 – 6 T-shirt and tank tops, 7-8 pair of underclothes, 1 – 2 pair of pants, a few dresses, swimsuits, windbreaker, swimsuits, sarongs and straw brimmed hats. 
  2. Shoes: a pair of flip-flops, beach sandals and deck shoes. 
  3. Toiletries: Sunscreen, shampoo and conditioners, deodorant, makeup, soap, lotion and bug repellents. 
  4. Bags: a duffle bag, day bag, beach bag and dry bags. 
  5. Accessories, earplugs, camera, video recorder and beach towels. 

Sailing experience in Greece is one of its kind. With so many islands to explore, you can enjoy a great week or two sailing in the sea waters. 

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Greece and absorb its true flavor while sailing on your boat across the lovely blue waters. Happy vacationing! 



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