3 beautiful Greek Islands you’ve never heard of

The Greek Islands, also known as the Cyclades, are a beautiful part of the world. They provide many different things from sandy beaches and crystal-clear water to ancient history and rich culture. The islands offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for peace and relaxation or a big adventure!

These islands are a popular summer vacation destination with over twenty thousand people visiting each year. They have been known to be one of the best places in Europe for tourists who want an authentic experience that is just as good as if they were living there themselves.

Not only do these islands provide some amazing experiences, but also memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to create everlasting memories than visiting a secluded island that almost no one knows about? If you are thinking about visiting the Greek Islands for your next summer vacation, here are 3 islands that you can’t miss.


Although this island isn’t much of a tourist destination, it is still one of the most beautiful places to visit. Here you will find that more visitors are actually Greek. This island is particularly large and has quite a dense population which makes It easy for it not to become overrun by tourists. Sometimes, you don’t want to go on a vacation that everyone else has been on, and Lemnos, or Limnos, is the perfect place to get an authentic Greek experience.

Located in the Aegean Sea, just like all the other islands, on Lemnos, you will find an abundance of things to do, but you shouldn’t miss out on the views. Lemnos has some of the most spectacular views that stretch all the way to even the mainland of Greece. Seeing far and wide, it is one of the best places to take in the beauty of the Cyclades and even have a look at some ancient Venetian castles. You can also buy cheap ferry tickets via Lets Ferry and visit some of the surrounding islands, like Saint Efstratios, which is 30 km away. It is a small island with one village only and lovely beaches that you can explore effortlessly.

On Lemnos, you could stay in anything from hotels to villas, to even small boutique guest houses, and then try out some authentic Greek cuisine in the main square on the island. Seafood is a must-have when you are here, and although not necessarily in the best location, Grammofono is a place that you have to try before you leave if you want some of the best and the freshest seafood.


ikaria greece
Named after the famous Icarus, who had wings made of wax and then flew too close to the sun which melted them, Ikaria is an island that is located where Icarus crashed into the ocean. It is said that those with an ill fate have been visiting Ikaria since during the civil war as it was a place for those sent to exile.

While this isn’t the case anymore, this is a great place for those who are interested in the history of the island as well as the history of Icarus. Having such a reputation may put you off, but the islanders take pride in the quirky representation of their home.

If you happen to find yourself on this magnificent island, something that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on are the hot springs. Who doesn’t want to bathe in water that is shot straight out of the ground? This phenomenon is one of the most popular attractions on the island and is even said to be beneficial for your health.


Last but not least we have Ammouliani. One of the smaller islands that you will find in the Cyclades, Ammouliani can be found between the Halkidiki peninsula. This little island is one of the islands that is known for its incredible sandy beaches and even as a way to relieve some of the stress that the mainland receives during peak season.

Here you will find that most visitors are actually Greek, which means that this is definitely a place where you will find one of the most authentic experiences. If you find yourself on this small island during your vacation, something you should try out is taking a boat trip around the island and take in its natural beauty from the water.

This is a great place to try out an abundance of authentic Greek food, including some of the best and freshest seafood around.