How to select a good moving truck in NYC

People often select a reliable moving company to manage their relocation and also select a moving truck of the appropriate size. You do not want to end up having a moving truck that is extremely small in comparison to your belongings nor do you want a truck that is too large.

So, the question is how does one select the right truck size?

How to choose the right moving truck size?

There are many things to consider when moving into a new home such as getting big pieces of furniture moved to the specified destination. Hence it is important to choose the appropriate truck size. A moving company that has extensive experience would help you get the right moving truck size thereby preventing damages and also exposing you to a wide range of their services.

What is the process by which professionals select moving trucks that are tailored to each client’s move?

Things to consider when selecting a moving truck

If you select a van that’s too small, your possessions could be damaged due to the lack of space. Larger vehicles, however, are less reliable since the objects may get tossed around during the journey. Here are a few factors to consider when renting a moving truck in NYC.

  • Everything begins with an inventory: Professional movers NYC usually request for a list of items that need to be relocated. This list helps them estimate the space required to select the appropriate truck size. It is important to organize your living space, all your pieces of furniture, and to outline what you need to pack in boxes. This will assist you in determining the number of boxes to be relocated, and the dimension of each item.
  • Learn about moving truck sizes: It is important to research the types of moving trucks available at the company you’re thinking of hiring. In the negotiations, you may also get moving truck quotes, which ought to depend on the size and capacity of the chosen vehicle. Moving companies offer the following kinds of vehicles: pick-ups, cargo vans, big vehicles, and small and medium-sized moving trucks. 

Find reputable NYC moving companies to assist you in choosing the ideal moving vehicle for your next relocation. 

Tips for picking the best truck size for your next move

Below are some helpful tips to consider when searching for a moving truck:

  • Ask your friends for any suggestions. The first thing to do is to speak to friends and family that have moved in the past. Their tips would give you clarity and save you a lot of energy.
  • Hire a company with an excellent reputation and a wide range of services available to clients.
  • Make inquiries about the different types of trucks the company has.
  • Request a no-cost estimate from your preferred moving company and then plan your moving budget.
  • Get ready for the move.

Additional considerations

The most important thing is to choose the right-sized moving truck. It’s a simple but essential aspect of the relocation. Asides from selecting a truck of the right size, you would need to carry out the following tasks if you’re moving with the assistance of an experienced moving firm:

  • Cleaning out your space: What’s the reason for holding on to items you no longer use or need? You can dispose of them, or if they’re still in good shape then you can donate them. Doing this would help you create more space that can be used for more valuable and important items.
  • Make a checklist: Organise your belongings by creating a list. As mentioned earlier, if you employ a moving company that’s also providing truck services, you will need to give them a list of your belongings to enable them estimate the amount of truck space required to accommodate all the possessions safely. You can also pack the essentials separately and load them last.
  • Packing: When you rent a pickup truck and a professional moving company, you also receive a range of moving services. Professional movers are accountable for packing all clients’ belongings in boxes and covering them with bubble wrap or plastic wrap. At their disposal, they have an array of packing supplies that allow them to pack different things and prepare them for the move. A variety of packing materials are used by moving companies such as soft padding and protective equipment.
  • Loading: Loading furniture and everything that has been packed into the truck is the last task. Ropes and other equipment are used to secure the items and protect them from damage.


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