A Guide for the Novice Adventure Traveller

If you have decided that there’s more to life than what you have experienced thus far and wish to travel with adventure in mind, there is much to consider. You are going into strange environments, with all your essentials on your person, which means you need to prepare accordingly, and with that in mind, here are a few useful tips to help you prepare for your global adventures.

The Right Mindset
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This is an important aspect of adventure travel, as you head into unknown territory, and even after some online research, you are very much at the mercy of the elements at times, so be prepared to rough it. Overcoming the many obstacles is part and parcel of travel in stunning natural environments, and your attitude has a lot to do about how you feel after the experience.

You will need to source the following:

Clothing – Of course, what you wear should be reflected in the environment you are entering, and never discount rain, which can be your worst enemy! A pair of high-quality hiking boots will give you all the ankle support you need, plus you’ll have great grip at all times! Wear the boots in, prior to going on any adventure, as there’s nothing worse than foot sores while on the move.

Travelling Equipment – Ask any seasoned adventure traveller and they’ll happily confirm that your backpack is an essential piece of kit, and certainly something that should be of top quality. Once online, you could visit Alpaka Gear’s website, where you’ll find a range of top-notch adventure travelling packs, bags and accessories, which will turn out to be a very wise investment.

Essentials – A good first aid kit is essential (one for each person), plus a good hunting knife, a compass and a military-style belt that can accommodate many gadgets and tools that you will need. Wet weather clothing is both light and takes up little space, and you might want to consider packing a space blanket – which weighs a few grams and will keep you warm anywhere! Waterproof bags for your digital devices is another essential, which won’t take up any room, but might prove invaluable.

The Importance of Online Research

Going into a strange environment with a view to exploration and adventure is all well and good, but with free online resources, you should always do your research, as this will help you to prepare. Language and local customs should be included, along with climate, wildlife and the general stability of the region you’re planning to visit. The more you know about the destination, the better equipped you will be to negotiate the experience.

Safety & Security

There’s no doubt that adventure travelling leaves you more exposed to theft and other crimes, which is one reason to buy slash-proof anti-theft bags for your travels. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return; indeed, it is wise to make regular contact with family and friends – something your digital devices can ensure.

With the right preparation and mindset, your adventure experiences will be up there with the best, as you explore the world and immerse yourself in other cultures.


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