Flamingo Wall in Chicago (Replaced By New Songbird Mural)

Looking for the most instagrammable places in Chicago? You might have run across photos of the pink flamingo wall.  I live only two blocks from this instagrammable wall so I have put together a guide to the flamingo wall, including location, how to get there, nearby attractions, best time to visit and other tips for photographing the wall.

Update: The Flamingo Wall has been painted over was replaced in early August, 2020 by a new mural called The Songbird Wall which is just as colorful.

Flamingo Wall in Chicago

flamingo wall chicago

Chicago has many colorful walls and murals but one of the prettiest is the giant pink flamingo wall in River North.

The building used to be home to the Flamingo Rum Club, a Cuban themed restaurant and cabaret, but it is now only open for private events.

Flamingo Wall Chicago Location

pink flamingo wall in Chicago location

The flamingo wall is located at 601 N. Wells Street on the northeast corner of Wells and Ohio Streets in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

How to Get to the Flamingo Wall

If you are using public transportation, the closest train stations to the flamingo wall are:

Grand (Red Line Station) located at 521 N. State St. which is approximately a 9 minute walk (0.4 miles). Click here for walking directions from the station.
Merchandise Mart located at 350 N. Wells St. which serves the Brown Line (and also the Purple Line Express during weekday rush hours). It is an approximately 6 minute walk (0.3 miles). Click here for walking directions from the station.

There are also several buses that stop close to the flamingo wall including 65 Grand, 156 LaSalle and 66 Chicago.

What Other Chicago Attractions is the Flamingo Wall Close To?

You don’t have to go out of your way to get to the flamingo wall as it is located in downtown Chicago and close to most of Chicago’s major tourist attractions. If you want to combine the flamingo wall with other Chicago sightseeing, the closest attractions that are only a short walking distance are:

Lou Malnati’s in River North.  Lou Malnati’s in River North (439 N Wells St) is often mentioned as one the best places to try Chicago deep-dish pizza. It is located less than 2 blocks south from the flamingo wall.

Chicago Riverwalk. The Chicago Riverwalk is one of the best spots in Chicago for people watching and there are also restaurants, shops and places to sit along the way. The Chicago Riverwalk is located about 3 blocks south from the flamingo wall.

Tips for Photographing the Flamingo Wall

I have never seen anyone taking photos there so you don’t have to worry about other people in your photos but you do have to worry about cars (both parked and in the street).

You can take photos from across Ohio Street or even from the street itself while the light is red.  Ohio is a one way street but it does get heavy traffic especially during weekdays.  I would avoid rush hour (7am to 10am and 3pm-6pm on weekdays) as chances are many cars will be in the street blocking your photos.  Weekends can also get busy around lunch or dinner as people will be coming into the city for dinner.  Your best bet for good photos is either Saturday or Sunday morning before 10am or Sunday afternoon after 3pm. Make sure to bring a friend if you’d like to be photographed in front of the mural, but a selfie stick or tripod could do the trick as well.

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