A Guide to Finding the Best Deals on Airport Parking in Charlotte


The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the second busiest airport in North Carolina and serves as a major hub for US Airways. In 2016, more than 12 million passengers used the airport to travel to their destinations. It is located about 7 miles south of downtown Charlotte, which makes it easy for travelers to get there by public transportation or by car. If you’re planning on driving from your home or office to CLT, then you’ll need somewhere safe and affordable to park your vehicle while you travel. That’s where this guide comes in! We’ve compiled everything you need to know about CLT parking lots and garages so that you can find the best deals around town: 

Parking at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a pricier option for those who don’t want to end up walking on foot. 

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If you’re looking to save money on airport parking in Charlotte, consider taking a taxi or public transportation. The cost of parking can be prohibitively expensive and may not be worth the cost of taking an Uber or Lyft. However, if you do decide that driving is your best option, there are ways to save money by choosing the right lot for your needs and using coupons when possible. 

If you plan on going straight from the airport into downtown Charlotte and staying there for no more than eight hours (the maximum time limit allowed), then it might make sense for you to park in one of two long-term lots: Lot 1A or Lot 2E/F. These lots have lower rates than other options because they’re farther away from terminal buildings–but if this doesn’t matter much to you then these could be good options! Just remember: once parked here without moving cars around too much (which would void any discount), don’t forget where they are so that when leaving again later on down the road don’t get confused about where exactly everything went wrong. 

To help you in your quest to find the most affordable parking, we have created this list of parking lots and garages near CLT. 

To help you in your quest to find the most affordable parking, we have created this list of parking lots and garages near CLT. 

The following is a list of amenities that each parking lot and garage offers: 

  • Price range (from highest to lowest) 
  • Number of spaces available for purchase at each location (in total) 

The best deals on airport parking are found at: 

  • Parking Spot – $8 per day ($16 weekdays; $10 weekends). This price includes free shuttle service to/from CLT and complimentary bottled water upon arrival/departure! 

Long-Term Parking Lots and Garages Near CLT 

If you’re looking for the best deals on long term airport parking in Charlotte, there are several options to choose from. If you have time before your flight and need a place to park for a few hours or more, consider using one of these long-term lots and garages nearby CLT: 

  • ParkRite – Located just 1 mile from CLT, this lot offers both covered and uncovered spaces with 24/7 security. The daily rate is $20 per day (and up), but if you book online ahead of time they will offer a discount to $18 per day (and up). This is definitely one of the cheaper options out there! 
  • Park ‘N Fly – Another great option if price is important to you is this chain which has locations all over North America including several right here in Charlotte! They even offer free shuttles every 15 minutes between their lots so that it’s easy to get back into town when done traveling! Rates start at only $10 per day depending on how far ahead of time you reserve online; otherwise rates can go up quite high depending on how much notice was given prior.” 

Economy Parking at the Short Term Parking Garage Near CLT 

The Short Term Parking Garage is located on the first floor of the airport’s parking deck, directly across from baggage claim. This garage offers economy parking at $3 per day and is open 24 hours a hour, with no in-and-out privileges. 

It’s important to note that this garage does not have any security or amenities such as restrooms or vending machines (although there are places where you can buy water inside CLT). The only thing that makes it convenient is its location–it’s right next door to baggage claim! 

Economy Parking at the Long Term Parking Garage Near CLT 

The long-term parking garage is located at 2425 Aviator Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28208. It’s open from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., so you can park your car there overnight and not have to worry about it until your flight leaves in the morning. 

Curbside Valet Parking Near CLT. 

Curbside Valet Parking Near CLT 

If you are looking for the best deal on airport parking in Charlotte, then curbside valet is your best option. This type of parking allows you to drop off your car at the curb with no hassle or stress involved. You can then go right into the airport and enjoy your flight without having to worry about finding a place to park when you return. 

The only downside is that this method costs more than self-parking or covered garage parking but it’s still less expensive than valet inside the terminal and has many benefits: 

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  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates that are lower than other companies’ prices 
  • Free shuttle service to and from the airport (with advanced booking) 
  • Customer service available between 10am-7pm ET at (424) 532-8940 

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If you’re looking for a trusted provider of airport parking in Charlotte, look no further than On Air Parking. On Air Parking is your source for 5-star service at a low price! Our staff will help you find your way around the city so that you can get out of town on time–and back again when it’s time to come home. 

This guide will help you decide which parking lot or garage is best for your needs 

This guide will help you decide which parking lot or garage is best for your needs. 

When you arrive in Charlotte, there are a number of options when it comes to airport parking. While some people like the idea of driving right up to the terminal and dropping off their car, others prefer not having to worry about traffic or finding a spot close enough for them and their family members. If this sounds like something that would appeal more to your preferences, then consider using one of these facilities as opposed to just leaving your vehicle on the street or in an uncovered lot. 

Each facility has its own pros and cons depending on factors such as price per day (or hour), distance from airport terminals and shuttle service availability. We’ve compared each location so that no matter which one appeals most strongly towards whatever criteria matters most during travel planning – whether it’s convenience over price or something else entirely – we can provide comprehensive insight into how each place stacks up against competitors based solely upon what matters most when making decisions about where exactly “home” will be parked while away from home! 


We hope this guide has helped you decide which parking lot or garage is best for your needs. If you have any questions about our services or would like to book a reservation, please contact On Air Parking at (424) 532-8940. 


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