Your must-see list for Ecuador

Many people think to visit Kenya for its wildlife or Everest in the Himalayas, but sometimes it pays to visit countries which have equal bragging rights but less fame. While many people know that Ecuador is a country that’s teeming with history and exotic wildlife, its not often gone into depth about just how impressive this country is. If you want to give Ecuador the credit it deserves, then consider these impressive and often record-busting sites in Ecuador.   

The Galapagos Islands 

galapagos islands wildlife

The Galapagos Islands are not just a must-see for their outstanding natural beauty, but also their abundant wildlife. If youre in this part of central America, then you should absolutely make the most of seeing creatures that you might not get back at home. These islands are home to a delicate and relatively undisturbed eco-system, which means youll spot anything from flamingos and sea lions to, rather unbelievably, penguins and hammerhead sharks. Youll find plenty of trips to Ecuador that include the Galapagos Islands on their itinerary.   

Volcán Chimborazo 

Despite appearances, this is not just a mountain. Volcán Chimborazo is in fact a stratovolcano’ and reaches a whopping 6,263 meters high, which in real terms is about 4 miles. It also holds the impressive claim of being the furthest point on the planets surface away from the middle of the earth. This is down to the difference between measuring it from the center of the earth rather than sea level. This way of measuring it means that this mountain (or stratovolcano) is actually taller than Everest.


While people may know that Ecuador is fames for its mountainous landscape, what they may not know is that it is also home to the highest capital city in the entire world, Quito. This was given UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site status all  the way back in 1978, and thats not just down to its dizzyingly mountainous streets. Its beautifully pained homes, cobbled streets and grand plazas are all worth seeing in their own right. You will also always have the Andean peaks in your eye-line, making it a truly staggering city.   


If you came to Ecuador for its wildlife and cascading rivers, then Mindo should categorically be on your must-see list. It has plenty of places to hike and walk, with a few stunning waterfalls thrown in for good measure. Its not too far away from Quito, which makes it the ideal getaway for an outdoor breather. Its very popular with wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers, so you can be sure that youll spot some exotic birds and animals if you make the trek down there. 

Ecuador has plenty of world-record claims to its name, and so it makes for the perfect bucket-list destination. Its the ideal place to visit if you love hiking and long walks, or simply if you want to add a few exotic wildlife snaps to your Instagram page. Be sure to take the right hiking gear with you if you do plan to take the odd adventure, and of course, plenty of mosi-guard. 


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