Best beach and safari destinations in the world

If you are undecided between taking an idyllic beach holiday or opting for an exciting safari in the wild, a beach safari vacation is just what you seek. You can embark on a once in a lifetime holiday experience combining thrilling game drives and pristine white sand beaches. Several amazing destinations across the world offer the perfect mix of both so you really don’t have to pick just one.

So go ahead and choose any of these excellent options for an unbeatable and diverse holiday experience which is bound to ignite your senses and fuel the soul.

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Kenya beach and safari trip

Kenya is the place where safari and beach holiday dreams are made. Start your wild odyssey at the iconic Masai Mara game reserve and after spotting some incredible wildlife head to any of the scattered islands in the Indian Ocean for a large dose of some sublime tropical sunshine.

An ideal safari tour starting and ending at Nairobi will include a three night stay at Masai Mara with game viewing, walking safaris with red robed Masai tribesmen and another three nights stay at an all inclusive luxury beach resort in Mombasa or any other off the Kenyan coast. The crystal clear waters and the palm fringed landscape of coastal forest evoke a friendly and laid back ambience.

Tanzania beach and safari holiday

wildebeest migration

Tracking the annual great wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park or watching massive herds of wild animals from your secluded safari lodge nestled on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater can be a humbling experience.

Combine this with a stay on the exotic Spice island of Zanzibar just off the coast of Tanzania and you have all the ingredients of a phenomenal holiday showcasing the best of both worlds.

best things to do in Tanzania Africa bucket list

Your magical journey should ideally start from the Serengeti National Park, home to the largest density of lions anywhere in the world. A trek to Mount Kilimanjaro will add to the excitement of the trip. Head to the Ngorongoro Crater for a shot at the Big Five before flying to the tranquil beach destination of Zanzibar to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town and Prison Island for seeing giant tortoises. Spend your spare time snorkeling, swimming or just lounging on the beach.

South African safari and beach holiday

Extremely diverse in nature, South Africa stands out as a perfect destination to have a safari and beach holiday. You can be enjoying a game drive in Kruger National Park at one moment and in a matter of hours be whisked away to an unspoilt beach on the Elephant Coast.

The highlight of your holiday should include a three nights stay at the world famous Kruger National Park, home to the Big Five, and then zooming in on to the remote Elephant Coast situated in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. This underdeveloped area is home to some subtropical rainforests, crowd free beaches and magnificent coral reefs displaying some of the best eco tourism hotspots of the country.

Zambia and Madagascar safari and beach holiday

The South Luangwa National Park in the eastern part of Zambia is one of the best parks of the country and is known to be literally teeming with game. There are plenty of contemporary lodges along the Luangwa river from where one is almost assured of seeing most of the Big Five. Walking safaris can also be organised here for a closer interaction with the wild.

Madagascar’s eastern coastline is home to some beautiful tropical islands where one can unwind on unspoilt beaches or go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or paddleboarding apart from other activities. These activities are ideal to view diverse marine life at close quarters.

Zambia and Seychelles beach and safari holiday

Victoria Falls

From watching the spectacular full moon over the Victoria Falls to walking barefoot in luxurious Seychelles, both these prominent destinations are geared for adventure and relaxation.Your three day trip begins at the Zambian town of Livingstone from where you can drive to any of the lodges situated upstream of the Victoria Falls.

A lunar rainbow occurs over the falls during the full moon night, an event which is as beautiful as it is awe-inspiring. Other activities include 4×4 game drives, birdwatching and a boat cruise along the hippo infested Zambezi river, an experience not to be missed.

You can now fly into Seychelles and check in at any of the world class resorts at the world famous yacht arena.This place is a dream for water sports enthusiasts. Next day take a light plane to Denis Island, a remote spot in the Indian Ocean, for a refreshing time walking on the crowd free beaches in the shade of coconut palm trees. Even if you snorkel in the shallows, amazing marine life like triggerfish, gliding turtles and manta rays are almost certain to be encountered.

Sri Lanka wildlife and Maldives beach stay


The swamps, mangroves, national parks, tropical rainforests and oceanfront have thrown up an amazing variety of birds and animals within its borders. The Yala National Park is said to have the highest leopard density to be found anywhere else in the world.

Trekking through the Udawattakele Nature Reserve reveals hidden monasteries and cave dwellings deep in the forest. As you journey through some of the richest wildlife spots on the island you discover many rare and endangered bird species in the undergrowth of the Sinharaja Rainforest.

Now indulge yourself with a fabulous trip to the enchanting island chain of Maldives where you spend a few nights of pure bliss in an idyllic location. Upon arrival a speed boat will whisk you away in this ocean locked nation to any of the separate islands, each surrounded by its very own lagoon and pure white sandy beaches for an unforgettable vacation.

Strewn with tropical islands, the Indian Ocean experience is equally perfect for both families and romancing couples alike.These trips can easily be combined with an Indian or African safari to come up with the right blend of wildlife viewing and post safari rest and relaxation on the white and soft sand beaches.

Just make sure you prepare well for the trip by working with your safari expert to identify the medication you may require for the trip as many spots are malaria prone. You are advised to pack light and use soft bags due to the travel restrictions on the smaller planes. And finally, don’t forget your sunscreen as despite mild temperatures, the sun can be quite harsh at times.

So take your pick from these hot spots and make sure your next holiday is in the wilderness amidst tranquil beaches.


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