Amazing Ways to See Europe

There’s a lot to see in Europe, which is impressive for a continent that’s smaller than all of the others, except for one. With around 50 countries (depending on who you ask), you can’t get to know the whole of Europe on one trip. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take in as much as possible while you’re there. You can choose from a variety of ways to explore Europe, so think about your travel style. If you’re not planning on sticking to one place only, take a look at these options for getting around and seeing more of one country or taking in several countries on one trip.

Road Trip

There are some incredible places to drive in Europe, from mountain passes to coastal roads. It’s also easy to drive through much of Europe without having to have your passport checked each time. Every country in the Schengen Area is available to travel through freely, which includes 26 countries. It’s pretty easy to drive in Europe, although there are differences in each country. Some will have better roads, as well as slightly different road laws. But if you’re used to road trips in the US or Canada, you won’t think anything of driving from one country to the next.

river cruising

Another fantastic way to see Europe is via cruise. For an ocean cruise, some popular locations include Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. River cruises have also grown in popularity, and you can cruise through several countries on rivers like the Danube. Take a look at sbtravel.com for some cruising inspiration in Europe. You might like to go at a certain time of year. Cruises during the colder months could be particularly appealing. Much of the fun is in getting off the boat and enjoying things like local Christmas markets, rather than staying on the cruise ship.


Much of Europe has fantastic rail connections, although the quality and the prices do differ from country to country. Some networks are more efficient, cleaner, more affordable and more accessible than others. However, generally, there are many trains to get around both within each country and to help you travel between countries. It’s a great way to see Europe if you like slow travel – although, there are high-speed trains available too. You can sit back and watch the world go by, enjoying the journey, as well as your destination.


For an even slower way to get around, why not consider cycling? There are some amazing cycling routes across Europe, whether you want to try a long-distance challenge or just do some shorter trips. If you want to use pedal power to get around, it’s easy to hire bikes and anything else you might need, as well as find cyclist-friendly accommodation. However, when it comes to cycling on roads and finding dedicated cycling paths, things do depend on the country and the region.

If you want to take in lots of Europe, picking your mode of transport is your first step. They all have their pros and cons for traveling around.


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