5 Essentials for Safe and Healthy Travel

No one likes to think about the emergencies that can crop up in the middle of a vacation. You want to think about the amazing sites you’ll get to see and the memories you’ll make, not about how you could get sick, injured or stuck in a serious predicament. If you don’t want to stress about these negative possibilities during your trip, you should take some precautions ahead of time.


Here are five essentials that you need for a safe, stress-free vacation:

1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help you manage a whole host of travel emergencies. It can offer you coverage for sudden flight cancelations, baggage delays, baggage losses and rental car issues. Most importantly, it can offer coverage for medical emergencies that happen in the middle of your trip.

2. Emergency Fund

Travel insurance shouldn’t be the only emergency financial protection you set up for yourself before going on a trip. You should also put together an emergency fund. With an emergency fund, you can cover small urgent expenses like phone repairs immediately.

What if you don’t have enough in your fund? If you don’t have enough in your emergency fund, you could put the charge onto your credit card or look into fast loans online for help. As long as you meet the qualifications for a fast loan, you can send in your online application. If you’re approved, you could use the borrowed funds to handle the emergency expense as quickly as possible and then manage the repayment process later. It’s simple.

3. Masks and Vaccines

COVID-19 is still a health risk domestically and internationally. Anyone that intends to travel abroad via plane should protect themselves and others by wearing masks. These masks will also be helpful once you reach your destination since it might have mask mandates put in place.

Masks shouldn’t be your only line of defense against COVID-19. You should also get COVID-19 vaccines to limit your chances of contracting and spreading the virus, including when you’re traveling abroad.

The countries you’re intending to visit might require COVID-19 vaccinations. Belgium, Chile, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago are just some of the countries that require proof of vaccinations for tourists at the moment. Skipping the vaccine could mean you get denied entrance.

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only vaccine that you should look into for your travel plans. Depending on your desired destination, you may need to look into vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, typhoid or yellow fever. You might need to check with your doctor about whether you’re up to date on routine vaccinations like MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chickenpox, polio, and the annual flu vaccine.

You should discuss these vaccinations with your doctor well ahead of your trip — don’t leave it until the last minute.

4. Evil Eye Bracelet

Ward off bad luck with a evil eye bracelet. The meaning of evil eye jewelry dates back to ancient civilisations. Many cultures believe the Evil Eye can protect against harm or evil spirits and negativity.

5. Portable Power Bank

You don’t want your smartphone to run out of power when you’re traveling. Your phone can be your lifeline when you’re in another country, especially when you get lost or stuck in a difficult situation. It can help you translate different languages, get directions to your hotel, book plane tickets and call for help at a moment’s notice. With a portable power bank, you can make sure that your phone’s battery doesn’t run out at the wrong time.

Make sure that you have these five travel essentials before going on vacation. They’ll help you have a safe, healthy and stress-free trip.


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