4 Things to Pack Which Can Prevent a Travel Disaster

Your vacation is meant to be a time of rest and relaxation, filled with memories and adventures that you will treasure for years to come. It’s not supposed to be a time of stress or unsolvable problems, so when you are traveling be sure to follow the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared”.
If you want to avoid a travel disaster on your journey there are some simple things you can do. One tip that travel experts world-wide agree on is that it’s a great idea to always include travel disaster prevention items on your packing list. You can assemble the items for this kit ahead of time, and rest easy knowing you are ready for unexpected travel misadventures that may come your way.

Emergency Passport Kit
Your passport is the key to international travel, and if you should lose or misplace it you could be denied entry or exit from a country. It’s critical to create an emergency passport kit before you leave on your adventure. While each country has different rules at a minimum you will usually need passport-size photos, proof of citizenship (like your birth certificate) and your photo ID. It’s recommended that you also keep a copy of your passport in a separate place so pack a copy and add a PDF image of it to your phone. Then if your passport is lost or stolen you have a good start to the process of replacing it and being able to resume your journey.

General Purpose Glue
The wear and tear of travel is hard on your personal belongings, as luggage and other items are always being bounced around. You don’t want to find yourself with a broken suitcase handle or a loose eyeglass pad when you are rushing through the airport or looking for your new hotel. For quick, safe and no-stress repairs while travelling quick, safe and no-stress repairs while travelling¬†be sure to pack some general purpose glue. You’ll be able to fix your broken¬†items in no time and continue with your fun travel plans.

Money Belt
When you are visiting a new and exciting destination you are often mesmerized by the wonder of it all. It’s easy to stop paying close attention and all too often you can find yourself misplacing your wallet or purse, or falling victim to a skilled thief. Instead of opening yourself up to trouble it’s best to keep your valuables in a concealed money belt. These belts are typically worn at the waist inside of clothing and are perfect for keeping money, credit cards and documents safe.

Duct Tape
For major repairs it’s a great idea to carry a roll of duct tape. You can buy travel size rolls of duct tape at stores that sell backpacking gear. This versatile item can be used to fix tears to backpacks, rain jackets, down jackets and down sleeping bags too. If your find yourself travelling by train or bus, you can duct tape the zippers and pulls to help prevent people from pilfering your bag. And last, but not least, in an emergency duct tape can be used to cover a clean wound while you seek medical care.
When you are travelling on your next vacation it’s wise to pack items that will help you avoid a travel disaster. By following these simple stepssteps, you will protect yourself from unexpected problems and can truly enjoy and celebrate your time away from home.


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