Workout Wardrobe Essentials for the World Traveler

Just like travel, exercise is good for the mind, body and soul. With the right gear, you can get a workout in practically anywhere. Here’s your guide to building your own workout wardrobe, traveler.
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Gym Gear

Your clothes can make or break your workout. We’ve all had times where we were caught fighting with our clothes in a high-intense cardio class or between reps. Your activewear shouldn’t be a burden. That’s why choosing the right clothes to workout in is so important.

First, you’ve got to know what to look for, and that often starts with the fabric. For high-intensity workouts, look for activewear designed with sweat-wicking materials like nylon, spandex, bamboo and polypropylene. Wicking materials pull the sweat away from your body and can help to keep your body temperature down during your sweat sesh. Materials like cotton are best for low-intensity workouts where you will not be generating a lot of sweat, like slow yoga flow classes or light resistance training.


Today it seems like there is a shoe specially designed for every kind of activity. Trail running? There is a shoe for that. Walking? You certainly have a lot of choices. Weight lifting? You guessed it, there’s a shoe designed for that, too. There is just one problem: you don’t have enough room in your suitcase for multiple pairs of athletic shoes.

When it comes to choosing a workout shoe that suits your travel lifestyle, look for shoes that can do everything, like a pair of cross-trainers that work just as hard on the trail as they do on paved walkways and in the gym. You will feel great during your workout, and you won’t have to worry about extra baggage fees.

Recovery & Loungewear

There’s nothing better than pulling on a pair of sweats after a long workout. Not only does a set of clean clothes feel great, but fresh clothes can also be good for you. Experts say the sooner you can shower and change into comfortable post-workout sportwear, the better. For gym junkies who travel, showering right away isn’t always an option. In cases like this, be sure to pack face and body wipes to clean-up the post-workout gunk and sweat, deodorant and personal hygiene products, and a set of clean clothes to change into.

Socks & Air Travel

Compression gear, like leggings and tops, aren’t just for the gym. In fact, clothing items like compression socks provide a number of benefits when it comes to air travel. When the wheels go up, many of our bodies experience a unique phenomenon in the friendly skies: swelling. This swelling happens most commonly in the legs and feet. In most cases, the swelling is harmless and it happens because of inactivity. Special compression socks promote blood flow from your feet to heart, and help your muscles and veins circulate blood more effectively. For your next international flight, be sure to include a pair of compression socks in your carry-on.

It’s not always easy to get a workout between connecting flights, but with these essentials in your suitcase, from comfy post-workout clothes to the compression socks, you’ll have exactly what you need to get a quick workout in. Because exercise is essential, wherever in the world you are.


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