How to stay fit on your travels

No one will expect that you do your full training on vacation as you do it at home. That is why you shouldn’t set any unrealistic goals about it. Forty to fifty percent of exercises that you regularly do are sufficient enough on vacations to stay at your fitness level. You will need to bring with you some kind of equipment and clothes that are light enough for travel, and you can find more info on garagegymbuilder.com.

Do your homework

doing yoga on coast
Homework means doing good research before embarking on your journey. This means asking through digital channels or your friends whether the hotel you will be staying in has a workout area in terms of gyms or outdoor areas where you can exercise. Usually, hotel gyms in most cases are modestly equipped with a few cardio devices and a few weights. If there is a park with workout equipment or yoga platforms nearby, take advantage of it.

Also, regardless of whether you travel to the sea, the mountain or you are a “city traveler”, bicycle
rental is available in most places. Pedal and enjoy it. Preparation also involves being well informed about the weather. That way, you can overlook what sports activity you will be interested in that day without skipping it due to inclement weather.

Take small steps

For example, if your hotel is quite far from the beach, take a walk. However, if you are vacationing in an urban area, no taxi or public transportation can replace the moderate-speed hike to your desired destination. If you use certain fitness apps, those can always measure your daily mileage for you.

The adventurous spirit

You should always try to combine recreation and sports on vacation. Find out what recreations will be available to you in the area where you are traveling. You can even try some extreme sports. Being engaged in fun activities 30 minutes a day is a great way to burn calories.

Good cardio

There are numerous ways you can get great cardio training while on vacation. Read on for some interesting activities below to keep you warm and enjoy your regular workout:


It belongs to the group of extreme sports for a reason. This can be one of your favorite activities, especially if you are vacationing in some atypical place that doesn’t include the beach or the sea. Those who love mountain adventures will for sure enjoy walking and hiking in a group or alone.

Sports Activities

Beach volleyball, surfing, swimming, and diving, as well as other team sports, are something that people usually do on vacation. Choose your favorite form of recreation and enjoy this type of workout, which is healthy in every form and segment. You will feel phenomenal.

Enjoy your shopping

This can be one of your favorite “sports” activities. Why? On your way to your favorite souvenirs and shops, your body is fully activated. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk for a long time, get hydrated regularly, and avoid fast food.

What exercises to practice while on vacation?

If the accommodation you are staying in doesn’t have a gym in your complex, you can always free up some space in your room or on the outdoor recreational ground. You can always do some squats with a strap, or with the same strap, you can target the leg and arm muscles. If you have weights (if you don’t you can always use bottles of water) use them! In this way, you will keep your body in about the same shape as when you exercise regularly.


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