What Does It Take to Climb Kilimanjaro?

A strong mind and body are only a few of the things required to take on Mount Kilimanjaro. The 20,000-foot climb has been a favorite of many since its first summit in 1889. If you need inspiration before a first climb, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

peak of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania

The Right Equipment

Being over prepared is no better than being underprepared. The best tour company to climb Kilimanjaro provides informational resources to prevent eager climbers. Preparation is the key to a good climb, but this is where a lot of climbers fail. Overthinkers will try to beat the mountain before even climbing it. Carrying equipment that you don’t need turns a hard climb into an impossible one. On the other side, there are climbers that use their previous experience as a measurement for success. Since no two climbs are the same, this turns into an irresponsible way to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

Start off with the right equipment, and you’ll already be in the right mindset to complete the challenge.


Going up against a mountain is no small feat. If you move too fast, then a simple climb becomes dangerous. Be patient, and always know what is above and below. Excited climbers can scale ninety-nine percent of Mount Kilimanjaro but still fail on the last one percent. Pacing is one of the few things you’re in control of during a climb. Create a rhythm that you’re comfortable with, and never let outside influences change the climbing mindset. No matter how fast your heart is beating, your mind should always be solid as a rock.


Being a professional climber is not required to fully scale Mount Kilimanjaro. But there is a requirement that you have an average amount of stamina. Climbing is different than hiking a trail, and rest spots are often in short supply. This is why guides are helpful to have along during your first climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Stamina also plays another role for individual hikers that have nagging ailments. The higher you go up the mountain, the harder it is to breathe. The harder it is for you to breathe, the faster your stamina will drain. It is an endurance test that you have to account for before getting geared up.

Realistic Expectations

You don’t have to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to fully experience it. There are countless people that have never made it to the top and still have a story to tell. The majesty of the area is a once in a lifetime experience that has made Mount Kilimanjaro one of the greatest wonders of the world. A wheelchair bound Bernard Goosen scaled it twice, with the latter climb being the fastest. That’s his story, and there is nothing stopping you from creating your own.

The Climb of a Lifetime

Thousands of people attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro each year. It is an impressive feat, and everyone doesn’t come back successful. If you want to be one of the victors, then prepare accordingly.


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