Three Reasons Why an African Safari is Worth the Hype

Every avid traveller has considered at some point going on an African safari. However, at a first look at least, it may appear logistically more difficult than your average trip. This causes many people to postpone their plans of seeing the magnificent landscapes and fauna of Africa to an indefinite future.

Although it might require some planning and a bit of courage, a safari is completely worth the hype. Let’s explore why.

wildebeest migration Tanzania

1. The Spectacular Wildlife

There’s no exaggeration when safari-goers describe how life-changing it is to see up close elephants, lions and other wild animals in their natural environment. In fact, the animals might pass by you in the most unexpected moments.

Whether you track the Big 5 or witness the Great Migration, this close encounter with African wildlife is one of the most authentic experiences you can have in the natural world. There’s something both humbling and empowering about seeing a lion or a giraffe behave naturally in their habitat. To make the most of your adventure, don’t forget to bring binoculars and other essentials.

2. The Diversity of Experiences

Although seeing the big African animals is a top priority for safari-goers, there are plenty of other unique experiences you can have in your trip. Africa has massive mountains, vast plains, deserts and gorgeous beaches. The landscape can change dramatically, so you always have something new to do or admire. Some people remember fondly the variety of sunsets and sunrises due to the range and intensity of colours in the African sky that they witnessed.

Safari experiences also include unique activities. For example, you can walk through the bush to spot an animal instead of staying exclusively in the vehicle. In a Tanzania safari vacation, you can meet members of the Masai tribe and witness their daily rites and traditions as an additional activity.

3. The Varied Culture of Africa

Leaving aside the diverse geography and climate on the continent, Africa is so culturally varied that you could go on multiple safaris and still have a unique experience each time. The religion, the language, the cuisine and the arts can be so different from one region to another, and even from one town to another, that your safari experience will vary greatly depending on where you choose to go.

Since a safari is designed as an immersive journey, you will get the chance to sample the traditional cuisine, engage with local communities, participate in traditions, and get an overall perspective on the cultural melting-pot that is Africa. In many ways, a safari is also a culture shock, but an intensely rewarding one.

Travelling through Africa is a worthwhile experience, but dealing with the logistics can be harsh considering the different cultures or languages and the vast amount of local knowledge required to explore the wilderness safely. A safari is your best bet for enjoying Africa at a slow and safe pace, with proper guidance, and with an emphasis on your particular interests.


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