Vladislav Doronin: Travel Events in Morocco

Vladislav Doronin, Aman Resorts owner, is committed to maintaining and celebrating the brand DNA, focusing on exceptional locations, unique design and architecture, peace, privacy and unparalleled service.

This article will look at Amanjena, the Aman Group’s Moroccan resort, as well as providing an outline of some of the most exciting events scheduled to take place in Morocco in 2023.

Inspired by the old city of Marrakech and its rose-hued buildings, palatial Amanjena is located close to the fabled Red City, enveloped in expansive gardens that open up to grand open spaces. The central basin’s shaded courtyards and fountains give way to spacious standalone guest pavilions and maisons, each with its own private garden, and many also featuring a private pool. Looking out across the olive groves and oasis palms, visitors are treated to impressive views across the High Atlas Mountains.

Sporting Moorish arches and vaulted ceilings, Amanjena’s pavilions and maisons feature cool, elegant interiors and spacious private gardens. Each residence has its own traditional outdoor gazebo, the generosity of space reflecting the seemingly endless desert surroundings.
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From the desolate desert dunes to the rugged snow-capped mountains, Morocco boasts some of the most diverse topography in North Africa, all of which are accessible from Amanjena. Radiating from its 12th century medina, the historic city of Marrakech incorporates a red-walled fortress crisscrossed by alleyways. Surrounding the city, the Palmeraie is an unexpectedly lush oasis that subsides to a harsh desert landscape dotted with tiny villages, where little has changed for hundreds of years.

Brimming with surprises and cultural richness, there is always something to celebrate in Morocco. From religious festivals and the agricultural calendar to the nation’s rich creative culture, the country’s many events provide visitors with a tantalising glimpse into the lives and beliefs of ordinary Moroccans.

Staged in July in Agadir, the Timitar Music Festival is one of Morocco’s most well-known annual events. One of the most celebrated music festivals in all of Africa, the event brings together more than 40 performers from all over the world in a celebration of Amazigh culture.

Meanwhile, the Marrakesh International Film Festival commemorates the finest Moroccan cinema, presenting awards in a range of categories. Founded by King Mohammed VI in 2001, the festival was conceived to promote and develop the nation’s art and cinema industries, with the weeklong event incorporating daily movie screenings at Jemaa el Fna plaza.

In July/August, the Honey Festival of Immouzer presents an opportunity for bee experts to exchange ideas and improve their beekeeping techniques. Visitors can participate in nectar tastings and learn everything there is to know about honey, which has been revered throughout the Middle East, North Africa and further afield for centuries due to its potent antibacterial qualities.

Finally, the Erfoud Date Festival is staged over three days in early October, commemorating the harvest of more than a million date palms across the region, with colourful processions, folk songs and dancing. A highlight of the festival is the coronation of the Date Queen, with the event presenting an opportunity for tourists to learn more about Berber culture and sample authentic, date-inspired local dishes.


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