Traveling Alone – Vacation Advice for Recent Divorcees

When people get married, the parties involved discuss their big plans and aspirations for their families. In divorce, it can be hard to restart your life alone and plan things independently since you were so used to having a partner to help you prepare.

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It is hard for individuals to start over after a divorce, especially if the process is contentious and grueling. However, a respected Philadelphia divorce lawyer advocates that divorcees intentionally make an effort to find new interests and recenter themselves as a way to check in with their mental health. One great way to reset is to take a vacation by yourself. Here’s a piece of travel advice for recent divorcees:

1.  Understand that You Need a Fresh Start

First, you have to accept that you’re doing this for yourself to get away from familiar surroundings to a different environment. If you stay in the same place right after divorce, you’re likely to sulk deep in thoughts, dwelling on the whole ordeal.

Look at this first solo trip as a chance to see the beauty around you, to ignite a positive mentality once more, and to restore your lost self-esteem. All these may not occur all in a day or after one trip, but it’s worth the journey to try to heal and reinvent yourself.  

2.  Be Flexible in Your Plans

Planning for a solo trip is more manageable than when other people are involved. If for any reason you would wish to change destinations or postpone your plans, it’s easier to do so without worrying about another party. Plans for a large group may be hard to cancel or change once you’ve reached an agreement. You should be fully in charge of your travel plans, but again, not in an inconveniencing way to the service providers.

3.  Choose Your Travel Destination

List all your preferred destinations of interest and decide which place to visit first, and look out for deals that align with your budget and your vacation time from work. It is recommended that you select an activity-based vacation spot that will keep your mind engaged in enjoying new things every day. Look at this as a chance to distance yourself from the physical and emotional baggage, learn new things, and fulfill the things on your bucket list.

If you’re employed, your employer may be more empathetic and let you select the preferred dates you wish to take away from work or request it. Get in touch with travel agents who have extensive knowledge of the best times to travel to your chosen destinations.

4.  Prioritize On Your Safety

Your first solo trip after a divorce is an excellent opportunity for adventure and exploration, but for your comfort and peace of mind, safety should be a priority. As you decide where to go for your vacation, ensure that the places you’ve settled on match the required safety standards.

Get all the necessary details about the culture, political unrest, or crime rates of the area you’re traveling to so you know if you can handle it or not. If you’re making an international trip, be sure to keep your travel insurance in check in case of arising emergencies. Once you feel settled on where to take your trip, get all the travel papers if need be and make the payments as required.

Don’t carry around all your valuables during your vacation and make copies of the travel documents, if any. Additionally, don’t also forget to notify a close friend or relative of your whereabouts so they can check on you from time to time to ensure you’re fine. These are but a few safety rules to help you out there.

5.  Spoil Yourself

One perfect way to heal after divorce or after a bad breakup in normal relationships is by loving yourself and treating yourself to the best. You probably didn’t have enough time to go to the spa, read your favorite book, get enough sleep and do every other thing that you desired in your married life. A vacation can give you an uninterrupted chance to do all of your favorite activities whenever you want.

6.  Build New Friendships

It will be almost impossible not to meet new people when traveling. You don’t have to be romantically involved, but it’s the perfect avenue to meet different kinds of people and share your life experiences. You don’t have to share every last detail with strangers, but it can be nice to open yourself up to new people.

When traveling, be open to meeting new faces across the globe and spending time with them without worrying about life’s issues. These strangers may also come through for you if you happen to get into any undesired incidents like a tire burst, security threat, or lost wallet during your trip.

Traveling has been a refreshing and healing experience for many people through the years. We understand that not everyone loves traveling, but consider taking a trip to a new environment if you’re going through any challenging situation. You don’t have to be extravagant in the locations you choose. You can start small by making local trips as you gradually progress to international trips.

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