Traveling around the Baltic – attractions and sea tours

Whether you’re traveling in the Baltic region for the first time or have visited those countries before, Baltic is sure to have something new for you.

If you are a budget traveler, you can always find places to visit in Baltic without spending a penny. Group Baltic tours, day trips, excursions, and sea cruises in Baltic will make your visit comfortable.  

In all the countries around the Baltic Sea, you can expect vast forests, turquoise lakes, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating cities with medieval architecture and modern sensibilities.

Explore Vilnius, the stylish and green Lithuanian capital, with its churches and narrow medieval streets, stroll through the streets of Riga, admiring Art Nouveau architecture, walk around Helsinki’s bustling market square, surrounded by graceful 19th-century buildings and head to Tallinn to enjoy its lively cafes, galleries, and medieval heritage. Then you can take board a sea ferry to visit St. Petersburg and the iconic Hermitage Museum, imperial palaces and grand churches.


Tallinn Estonia

The country is famous for historic castles, beautiful pristine nature and a strong tradition of music and folklore. The capital Tallinn is a delightful medieval town with a charming blend of history, tranquility, and exciting architecture.  


A small country with a long history of hanseatic trade and culture.  Here you can visit historically significant manors and palaces, enjoy a long sandy coastline, and peaceful national parks.

view of Vilnius Lithuania

A nation with an outstanding ethnic heritage, Lithuania features colorful traditional music and dance festivals. After visiting the museums and historical buildings of the capital Vilnius take a trip to Trakai, the ancient capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with a castle built of red brick on an island.


Discover the unspoiled beauty of Finland, with its beautiful rivers and lakes. Trip to Finland can be packed with exciting adventures like white water rafting, canoeing, and dog-sledding in winter.  The highlight of Finland is its Arctic Circle with unique wildlife and landscapes. Planning a trip to Finland? Here is the cost of a budget Finland trip.

Baltic tour – must-see attractions in cities 

The countries around the Baltic Sea have many common features, but still, they are very different, offering unique things for visitors. The list of must-see places and attractions is as follows:

Riga’s Town Hall Square – the heart of the Old Town. For centuries it served as a marketplace, today it is the stage for various events, the most well-known being the Christmas Market. The cobbled pedestrian streets and towering church spires will evoke the city’s medieval past as well as the Latvian meal where you can dig into a blood sausage with lingonberry jam and stewed sauerkraut.  

Vilnius has got a beautiful old town, an abundance of history, epic views, a thriving coffee shop scene, cool bars, and great street art. The Old Town of Vilnius, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe, with a Jewish Quarter with tiny cobbled streets, cute cafes with paper lanterns sway in the breeze.  

Tartu, one of the oldest cities in the Baltic region, offers numerous cultural attractions. The University of Tartu is an important educational center of the region invigorating this ancient town with the presence of students.  

Helsinki, Finland’s fun-loving urban center offers you good times. Enjoy Helsinki’s distinctive Cathedral or Linnanmaki, the city’s urban amusement park with the country’s highest and fastest roller coasters. In a few minutes buy ferry you’ll be in one of the most amazing man-made places in Scandinavia, – Suomenlinnaa giant maritime fortress spread across seven islands. 

Klaipeda, the oldest city in Lithuania, has many things to offer as well. Klaipeda town is charming all year round. Here you will discover great coffee shops and local restaurants, museums, and galleries. It is the place from where you can reach the famous The Curonian Spit.  

Baltic Sea Cruise – my impressions 

It is no chance to describe everything we experienced during the 14-day cruise in the Baltic, but here are some places that have to be highlighted: 

Tallinn: The Estonian capital was the most spectaculars of the visited ports. Its cobbled streets, church spies, and fairytale-like castles inspired our romantic feelings.  

Helsinki: The Finnish capital boasts a remarkable architecture, lively markets, and a sprinkling of islands to explore, each awash with its own history. The city amazed us for its liveliness. 

Riga: The Latvian capital is more and more visited by cruise ship as passengers heading to explore its Unesco World Heritage-listed old town and Art Nouveau district. We also visited the nearby beach resort of Jurmala, which was lovely. 

Klaipeda: We thoroughly enjoyed the escape to the Neringa Spit, a massive dune of sand with beautiful pine forests. The city’s compact old quarter was pretty as well.  

If you want to get to know as many European countries as possible and discover Scandinavian and Baltic cultures, then a Baltic Sea cruise visiting the countries around the Baltics is for you! 



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