Travel to Antarctica the Easy Way

Antarctica is the kind of place that everyone wants to visit but it seems challenging to do so. But, do you know that it is possible to join Antarctica tours? In this article, you will know how best to travel to Antarctica, when, and how much you will likely spend.

penguins in Antarctica

Can Anyone Travel to Antarctica?

Yes, anyone can travel to Antarctica as long as you have planned your visit well and you have the right permit. When you join a cruise or any Antarctica tours, your guide will be responsible for getting the proper license.

Visa is only required where your tour is coming from.

If you’re going to Antarctica with your own transportation, if you own a ship, personal yacht, or helicopter, you still need to get a permit from your government.

However, you can only do so if you came from a country with signatory to the Antarctic Treaty System. It means you can get a permit from countries like Britain, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, and France.

How Best to Travel

There three ways to travel to Antarctica: by flying, by cruise ship, or by yacht. 

The most popular is traveling on a cruise ship. Book a trip with an adventure holiday company that specializes in Antarctic tours. This way, you can ensure that the itinerary is well-thought-of and they have the right permits needed. 

Luxury cruises are also available. These are not the cheapest option, but you can find deals and discounts, especially when you book early on. 

It is best to organize a trip with a reputable company. You can ensure your trip is filled with adventure and well-planned. As with other holiday companies, you do not have to worry about the itinerary and permits. 

Meanwhile, you can also reach the continent through helicopter or an airplane. It will not be hard to find companies that offer this. 

Those who travel by yachts are often professional yachtsmen and not your regular tourists. However, you can find yachting companies that offer trips to Antarctica. But, always ensure the IAATO sanctions them. 

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Antarctica

Choosing your travel date can make or break your tour. The best time to travel would be between November and March. These are the months when there is enough sun to melt some ice. It allows travel via sea easier. Most of all, it isn’t freezing enough, so you can genuinely enjoy your adventure.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Antarctica 

Antarctica may seem like an impossible place to visit. But you do not have to spend tens of thousands if you’re traveling alone. The average cost per person is $3,500, which is not that bad. 

If you are booking last minute, you are going to pay around $4,000. 

You can also find discounted prices. It is possible to find a complete package for only $2,000. That is why it is better to book a trip months before your preferred travel date.

Antarctica is not just an isolated island of ice. Now, you can enjoy an excellent wildlife tour like never before.


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