Letting Loose: A Visitor’s Guide to the Top 5 Festivals in Pigeon Forge You Must Visit This Year 

A great destination for festivals in the United States that is often forgotten is Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. In fact, there are many engaging festivals related to live music, culinary delights, and local spirits to enjoy while living or traveling there year-round. To learn more about what festivals are available in Pigeon Forge, consider the information below:

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Top 5 Festivals in Pigeon Forge This Year 

There are many shows and attractions in Pigeon Forge to choose from. Here is a list of the five most popular festivals in Pigeon Forge:

Oktoberfest at Ober

Oktoberfest at Ober is a great festival that comes to life in late September and early October at several breweries around the smokies. It has several games and traditional foods to enjoy such as bratwursts and pretzels. There are several incredible beers to enjoy during Oktoberfest at Ober. If you are looking for a lively party and culinary experience, Oktoberfest at Ober is a great festival to enjoy.

Festival of Nations at Dollywood

Festival of Nations at Dollywood is a wonderful festival to enjoy in the Spring. Dollywood is one of the most famous attractions in the Smoky Mountains. The theme park is suitable for all ages. In the Festival of Nations, there are several concerts and traditional demonstrations from countries around the globe.

Fall Harvest at the Island

Fall is a great time in the Smoky Mountains. For those that love traditional Fall activities with the harvest theme, the Fall Harvest at the Island is a great festival to enjoy. There are many incredible photo opportunities, chances to try Fall seasonal dishes, and live music concerts.

Grains & Grits Festival  

For locals and tourists alike, grits is a must to try while in the Smoky Mountains. This festival has great Southern cooking along with local craft brewers to try. There are educational courses on distilling and incredible culinary creations from the best local restaurants. For the more adventurous, try the local moonshine.  

Annual Chili Cookoff & Car Show  

Chili is incredible in the South. The Annual Chili Cookoff & Car Show is a great place to enjoy family chili recipes mixes with vintage automobiles. This is a great event to meet new people and enjoy delicious food with old friends. From the vintage automobiles on display to the artisan booths, the Annual Chili Cookoff & Car Show has something for the whole family to enjoy. For car enthusiasts, this is not a festival to miss.  

Final Remarks  

Regardless of what time of year you are visiting the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, there is always something to do. What is special about Pigeon Forge is that there is a wide diversity of activities that can expose you to local live music, incredible foods, locally brewed spirits, and international culture. Be sure to consider visiting Pigeon Forge during one of its festivals and you will have a memorable travel experience.  


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