Top Cruising Destinations in Northern Europe

Northern Europe is rightly called the land of fairy tales. From beautiful castles to scenic beauty, you can witness it all on your cruise ship journey to Northern Europe. The cities in the region have a lot to offer than you can imagine. Whether it be fashion or architecture, everything about Northern Europe is special. Every second you spend in Northern Europe is going to bring a big bright smile on your face.

If you wish to explore the best of Northern Europe, you are in the right place. In this brief travel guide, we will suggest you the top cruising destinations in Northern Europe.

Cruising Destinations In Northern Europe:

You can avail many cruises to Northern Europe, all of which is known to serve the following regions.

1. Baltic sea 


Cruise trips on the Baltic Sea are totally worth the experience. The most popular routes are to go from Helsinki to Tallinn and Stockholm. Other than this Riga and the islands of Aland and Gotby are also quite popular. A luxury cruise ride on the Baltic Sea along with your family is the best way to spend your holidays. During your trip, you can enjoy various sea-food dishes you want. Along with that, even shopping happens to be a constant part of the trip.

2. Northern sea 

The Northern Sea route is one of the greatest in the world. On your trip, you can witness the true beauty of nature. Snow owls, walruses, and polar bears are going to be your meet and greet companions on your way. Back in the days, the Northern Sea route was mainly used for cargo ships but today, it is also available for the tourists. Cruising through this unique route is everything you may have ever thought of experiencing. On your way, you will come across the Franz Josef Land which is the most difficult to reach a place in the world. Other than that, you will also witness some of the inhabited islands.

3. Celtic sea 

You can trace the strands of Celtic, Norman, and Viking civilizations while cruising from Scotland to England. The main highlights of your trip include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, and England. If you are traveling with your family, you are surely going to have the best time of your lives. On your trip, you will visit a number of famous historical places. Along with that, you will also get a glimpse of the modern-day cultures of the countries.

4. Atlantic sea

Cruising on the Atlantic sea is the best experience you can have in your life. During your trip, you can enjoy some of the finest places on earth including the grand Atlantic’s coast. From the second you board the cruise, there will not be a single moment that you won’t get mesmerized by the beauty of the places surrounding the entire region. Luxury cruise experience along with the ocean breeze is just the perfect way to spend your holidays. This is one trip that is really hard to forget.

5. Ireland 

cliffs of moher one of the best things to do in ireland

Discover the rich history and culture of Ireland on your luxury cruise trip. You can also get plenty of places to explore most of which hold a significant spot in the pages of history. Exploring Ireland can be considered as a unique tour because of the brilliant sites you are going to witness. From castles to hotels, all of this going to be a part of your journey.

With this information, you are all set to explore Northern Europe. Dive into the lap of history and witness the beauty of nature while cruising through some of these regions.