Key Attractions to Enjoy When Visiting Scotland

Nestled at the top of the British Isles, Scotland is a country that travellers often forget to consider when deciding on their next destination. Despite this, the country is a hidden European gem with a host of different attractions and sights worth seeing, least of all its incredible scenery. 

To illustrate this, here is a quick guide on some of the most notable things to see or enjoy whilst in Scotland, outside of the common castles and tourist spots. As with all travel plans, it’s important to do your research around the attractions that interest you most, so don’t be afraid to conduct some additional reading after looking over this guide. 

The West Highland Way 

To start with, it’s important to emphasise just how beautiful Scotland is. In fact, the readers of the Rough Guide travel guides voted Scotland as the most beautiful country in the world – and for good reason. The rolling hills, range of beaches and ruined castles poking through the brush all give Scotland and intoxicating charm which is hard to forget. 

One of the best ways to enjoy this charm is through the West Highland Way, a 96mile walking route from Milngavie to Fort William which allows you to enjoy all of Scotland’s biomes and scenery. Whether it be still lochs and sunrise or bold, mountainous peaks, you can enjoy them all on this walking route. 

Golf Courses 

For golf lovers, there are few destinations better than Scotland. The country is full of quaint, scenic and vast golfing experiences across a variety of different terrain, offering a challenge for even the most seasoned golfer. With both independent golf courses and those attached to awardwinning hotels, Scotland can provide anyone who loves the sport with a unique experience and even for those who don’t play often, you can find yourself loving the views on display. Definitely worth considering. 

The Isle of Arran 

Isle of Arran

Building on our previous comment about the great views available, the Isle of Arran offers these great sights by the bucketload. Marketed as a miniature version of the rest of Scotland, the Isle of Arran offers all of the different scenery and attractions that Scotland is known for but condensed into a 20 x 10mile area. 

Dramatic peaks, amazing local food, beautiful beaches, impressive golf courses and exceptionally Scottish wildlife fill this island with culture and unique experiences. Despite its small size, many find themselves spending days on the island to get a real taste of all it has to offer. With bus routes taking you to every attraction you need, this is a must if you’re in Scotland. 

Distillery Tours  

Aside from friendly people, beautiful scenery and unique local food, Scotland is also known for its whisky. Scotch whisky is some of the most sought after around the globe and it plays a large part in Scottish culture. Due to this, there are a host of distilleries dotted in every corner of the country, many of which host tours and tasting sessions for visitors. 

If you like whisky, there’s a good chance that one of your favourites will be made nearby wherever you visit in Scotland, so be sure to do a little searching and you might be able to learn more about whatever drink it is you love. 

The Kelpies 

The Kelpies

Finally, it’s important to place a more conventional tourist attraction onto this list. The Kelpies are a pair of 30 metre high horse-head sculptures in Falkirk which provide an incredible photo opportunity. Named after mythological water horses from Scottish folklore, the Kelpies were built in 2013 to signify Scotland’s historical connection with horses and provides visitors with a truly impressive sight. 

These attractions are far from all that Scotland has to offer but they are a great starting point for anyone unsure about this destination. If you do choose to visit, always remember that getting advice from locals can often be the best source of information. Just ask politely and most people will gladly help you see the best that the local area has to offer.  



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