How to Travel More: 6 Effective Tips

Are you a wannabe wanderlust?

Do you wish you could travel more often rather than just live vicariously through your favorite travel vloggers?

There are many ways to increase the number of your trips. A vacation doesn’t always have to be something that you have to save up for years to experience!

We’ve put together this detailed guide on how to travel more. You’ll see that taking a trip isn’t as big of a challenge as you might think.

planning a trip

Let’s start with affording a vacation:

  1. Budgeting

If you’re serious about affording a vacation, you want to put aside money each week to pay for taking a trip.

You want to set an amount that you can easily commit to each week. Even if it’s as low as $5 per week, you can set aside this amount to help pay for a future trip.

Even while you’re traveling, you want to try to save some money for your future trip. Never spend your entire budget on your trip unless you have no other option.

If saving up is a huge challenge for you, then consider using a service such as Plenti Travel Loan to borrow money for your trips.

  1. Look Out for Days Off

For most of us, we have to look for time off for taking a trip. Make sure you mark your calendar for long weekends and holidays for taking your trip.

For example, if Thanksgiving is a few weeks away you want to book your trip now. If you need to request time off work, consider asking for days off around a long weekend or holiday.

If you’ve got Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, you might want to see if you can get Thanksgiving Eve or the following Monday off as well. This will give you 5 days to enjoy your vacation.

You should also consider long weekends for taking trips. You can use a 3-day weekend to take a short road trip or even a short flight. For example, if you live in Miami you can use a 3-day weekend to visit Key West. If you live in London, you can spend a 3-day weekend exploring Paris.

  1. Focus on Cheap Destinations First

You likely have a huge bucket list of all the places you wish to travel to. Look at this list and you’ll probably see a list of cheap destinations and expensive destinations.

If you want to travel more often, focus on getting the cheap destinations out of the way first. For example, if you wish to travel around Europe, visit Serbia, Moldova, and Belarus before visiting Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco!

This will help you knock off many destinations on your bucket list. While you enjoy the cheaper destinations you’ll also get to save money to visit the expensive destinations later on.

  1. Earn Money Online

You don’t have to become a remote worker or digital nomad, but it’s always helpful to earn money online if you want to enjoy your trip. This ensures that you’ll have no trouble with financing your trip as you’re traveling.

You can set up a profile on a freelancing website and take a few short gigs as you travel. You can spend your mornings working online and then enjoy your vacation for the rest of the day.

You can also consider investing in stocks that pay you dividends. This is an easy way to receive income as you’re traveling, without having to work. If you can also sell digital assets online this is the easiest way to earn money online.

If you own property, consider renting it out while you’re on vacation. You can rent it out using Airbnb or a similar service and use the money to pay for your trip.

If you plan longer trips, then you’ll need to earn money online. This helps you enjoy your trip without worrying about cutting into your savings.

  1. Don’t Splurge on Accommodation

You aren’t taking a trip to spend all your time in your hotel! This is what cuts into most travelers’ budgets and what holds them back from enjoying everything about the destination.

You should try staying in a budget hotel, hostel, or cheap Airbnb. You can also try couch surfing if you’re willing to stay in someone else’s home. These are the best ways to cut down on your lodging expenses. 

If you’re traveling to a popular travel destination, you can also consider working part-time in your place of accommodation. Some hostels will let you stay for free if you work part-time during your trip.

You can also try house sitting or pet sitting. This is when you’ll stay at someone’s house while they’re out of town. With pet sitting, you’ll do the same but you’ll also have the responsibility of caring for their pets. This is one of the easiest ways to find free accommodation.

  1. Use Travel-Friendly Products

Does your credit card offer opportunities to accumulate miles for traveling? Does it give you cashback bonuses for your travel expenses?

If not, you want to choose a credit card that offers such benefits. Make sure you also get a travel-friendly debit card. This card won’t charge additional fees when you’re overseas. This type of card will also reimburse ATM fees when you’re abroad.

You also want to make sure you purchase high-quality travel products such as your luggage. You don’t want to have to waste money on having to replace your luggage every few years. The longer your travel products last, the more you can spend on your destination.

That’s How to Travel More

Now you know how to travel more and explore as much of the world as possible!

You want to start by saving as much money as possible each week. Make sure you mark your calendar for any potential days when you can travel. 

You’ve also got to find a way to earn income online and cut down on your travel expenses. Start by traveling to cheaper destinations before visiting the more expensive places.

You can find more great traveling tips on our website!



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