Tips For Long Train Rides You Didn’t Know

Using the train as your means of transportation for long trips may be common in your country. However, there are many people who do not have access to train travel. If you are one of these people, you are in for a rare treat. We will show you some ways to make your train adventure one that you will never forget.

tips for a journey by train

Through the windows of a train

Australia has a lot of famous sites. It is also a vast and open country. For more than a century, there are locations that are best seen by train. You can learn more here.


Shipping your luggage to Australia is the smartest way to go. Carry the minimal baggage with you for comfort and safety.
Travel with the very minimal bags. It can get very frustrating, trying to load and unload your bags. You should carry one carry on bag, a backpack, and a money belt This should carry a couple of changes of clothes, credit cards, identification, and your visa. Not only will you be more comfortable, you will be safer. These small bags can be stashed in out of the way places while on the train.

Be comfortable, but be considerate

If no one is using a seat near you, no one will mind you stretching out a bit. However, if the train begins to fill, be polite and remove your things to your own area. It is find to watch a movie, listen to music, or have a snack on the train. However, use earbuds or headphones so people are around you. Just because you like a particular type of music, doesn’t mean everyone does.

If people around you are speaking in hushed tones, keep your own voice hushed. If there is mixed company, watch your language.

If you want to enjoy a snack on the train, try to find something that has a mild smell and eat it quietly. No one wants to hear a train rider smacking his lips on a tuna or egg salad in close quarters.

Getting there

Experiencing a train journey sometimes means flying to a destination that is close. You can learn to enjoy your trip from start to finish by traveling via private jet. Check out Stratos Jets site for information.

Train etiquette

Pay attention to the people around you. If they are speaking softly, then you speak softly too. Do not be the loud passenger, speaking too loud, laughing too loud, and being a jerk.

Do not put your feet on the seat across from you, even if you take your shoes off. If you have foot odor, do not take your shoes off on the train.

If you are going to snack, eat quietly and use proper manners. No one wants to hear you smacking and slurping. Do not bring smelly food on the train. Tuna or egg salad is simply not a good idea.

The restroom will be small, but look around in other cars, there is probably a larger one for handicap passengers.

If you want to stretch out, just before nighttime, head for the observation deck with your (backpack) pillow and blanket. You will probably not be asked to move.

Here are a few things to take with you on your trip:

  • Download apps to help you plan your agenda
  • Take reading material
  • Breath mints, gum, d wet wipes
  • Comb
  • Cell phone (with news or games downloaded)
  • Portable and rechargeable battery
  • An emergency contact list
  • A travel blanket and pillow
  • Warm socks or slippers
  • A sweater, rain poncho

There is no wrong way to travel the world. So, take a chance. Get out there and see the world.