10 things you must absolutely do while in Elba Island

Elba, the biggest island in the Tuscan archipelago, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and landscapes.  With numerous ferries to Elba connecting the island to the coastal town of Piombino, it is also an easy and convenient place to explore.  Read on for the top things to do in Elba Island.

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1. Fetovaia Beach. Although not the most under the radar,  Fetovaia is worth a visit for any first-timer.  Surrounded by a beautiful mountain and green hills, this pebbled beach boasts crystal waters.

2. A walk through Sant’Ilario alleys. Sant’Ilario is a small village on Marina di Campo’s bay where time seems to have stopped.  Take a tour among its small alleys and discover the true soul of the Island.

3. Sitting on a bench in Portoazzurro at sunset. Portoazzuro is a labyrinth of small streets and alleys that start from the ancient Forte San Giacomo, and reach a beautiful square directly on the coast.  Stop for a while and sit on one of the many benches to watch the gorgeous pink and orange sunset.

4. Plunge in Le Ghiaie. Dive into the water here or admire the incredible flora and fauna that populates this corner of paradise.

5. Cotone neighborhood in Marciana Marina. This natural bay is protected by a big “cote”, a kind of rock, hence the name “cotone”.

6. Capanne Mount. Elba is more than just beautiful beaches. Its varied landscape allows visitors to partake in many different activities, such as hiking on Mount Capanne. Reach the top for a view of Corsica and the Tuscan coastline.

7. Outdoor mines. In the past Elba was mostly known because of its metal reserves. Today, visitors can still admire the outdoor iron mines in Rio Marina.  Red and orange rocks abound thanks to the presence of hematite and iron.

8. Mountain bike tour to Calamita mount. Enjoy the beautiful landscape while biking a not too difficult 20 km long path.

9. Sunset at Capo Bianco. Wait for the sunset on Capo Bianco beach- one of the loveliest experiences you can have while in Elba.

10. Capoliveri’s roofs at night.  Laid-back and quiet at night, Capoliveri is a great spot to end your trip- perfect for romantics.  Take a few minutes to stop and admire the roofs while planning your next trip.

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