Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Tanzania

Tanzania is a wonderful place to find great wonders. But at the same time, you should also know what you should never do while visiting Tanzania. So today, we are going to explain it in complete detail.


You should not use your left hand in Tanzania. In addition, you must not take photos without permission. You should also avoid drinking tap water directly. There are plenty more things to know; let’s talk about them.

Ultimate List Of Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Tanzania

You must know about some aspects before getting into Tanzania’s wonders. Familiarizing yourself with its culture and vibe would help you blend into people. Plus, knowing what you should not touch is much more helpful than you might ever think. So, let’s start exploring it.

1. Avoid Giving Gifts To Street Children

When visiting small towns and neighborhoods, don’t hand out gifts or cash. Because often, it encourages them to do more begging. In the end, it’s not beneficial for them. In case you want to help out the locals, find someone elderly and hand them out a gift or cash for the children.

Moreover, you could go to any reputed organization to provide funding for poor children. Hence, you should not excite them to beg more on the street. Plus, the most important aspect is that going into begging results in them leaving the school for the rest of life.

2. Don’t Bring Wildlife Products

As you know of the best Tanzania safari parks, the nation loves to protect wildlife. Don’t take the products made of wildlife because it might lead to a long interrogation at the airport, which you would not want to have at the start of your journey.

Moreover, people in Tanzania prefer products made of something other than wild animal elements. To avoid any awkward discussion, leaving all of the luxury wildlife products back in the home is better. It would make sure you have a smooth travel experience in all parts of the country.

3. Don’t Take a Photo Without Asking

While you are roaming into the tribal village or a nice neighborhood, don’t take photos right away. You need to take proper permission to take any sort of photos. Moreover, you should be more careful while taking tribal people’s photos. Some might want a little bit of money to permit you.

Familiarize yourself with the homeowner, whether you could take photos or not. If you want to photograph a tribal group, talk to the leader first. Once they accept your photo shoot, you could go on to take nice pictures for your gallery.

4. Don’t Bring In Plastic Bags

Avoid bringing plastic bags with you in Tanzania. Because the country features an amazing rule to ban all kinds of plastic bags. Even if you have a plastic bag, you must leave it behind. Or sometimes, you might get fined at the airport for using plastic bags.

But, don’t get worried, because you will have plenty of other alternatives to plastic bags. Hence, you should obey the local policy and rules. They have made the rule to avoid pollution and its environmental effects. Follow the rule, and you will be fine to go anywhere.

5. Don’t Touch People With Left Hand

Even if people in Tanzania won’t tell you, don’t use your left hand to touch people. In addition, don’t give or receive anything with your left hand. Because it’s meant for toilet stuff only. In such cases, using your right hand is the best option.

Meanwhile, it’s not mandatory; you might use your left hand when necessary. But, making greetings and taking food with your right hand will blend more into the people. It will show that you care for their rules and will get appreciation easily.

6. Don’t Decline Offered Foods

In Tanzania; when you get into a guest house, always accept the food. Because, if you don’t receive or eat the food, it doesn’t mean good. Sometimes it shows you are skeptical of the host or something, which is why I always accept the food offered.

Even if you are not in the mood to have a meal, at least some portion of it. Doing so will help you show gratitude for the hospitality. Plus, you never know; you might like the new dish immediately. Either way, wait to decline the food when you are a guest at a local family.

7. Don’t Show Display of Affection In The Public

Avoid showing displays of Affection when you are in public. Spatially, Tanzania is a conservative country and doesn’t like such acts. In fact, same-sex couples should be more careful while roaming around. Instead, make sure you are in a safe, reserved place.

Even if you are on honeymoon, avoid acts such as hugging or kissing in a public place. It’s not seen in a good eye and might lead to complaints and other issues. But, affection in private places away from public gatherings is fine.

8. Don’t Buy Without Negotiating

As you go into many parts and localities of the country, you will get many street sellers. Many of them want to sell to you at a slightly higher price. Therefore, only directly buy an item after negotiating. Even if you like the item a lot, ask for a lower price.

Plus, having a bit of negotiating will help you get things cheaper. But at the same time, if you are not interested in buying, you better tell them off. Don’t be rude to the sellers; be friendly and tell them you are uninterested. Doing so will help you get nicely rid of these sellers.

9. Don’t Wear Revealing Clothing

Sure, you might get away in a posh metropolitan, but in a village, you must dress appropriately. Avoid wearing revealing clothes such as shorts, bikinis, and others. While dressing, at least covers your body adequately for religious beliefs and, most importantly, culture.

As you should know, most of the population in Tanzania are Muslims, so you must pack modest clothing items.

10.             Avoid Drinking Tap Water

You should not use or drink tap water while traveling around. Instead, buy out a bottle of mineral water. You might want to use mineral water for drinking and washing up foods. Most of the time, you will find bottled drinking water at the hotel you are staying in.

Don’t do it even if you are outside and want to eat fruits from street shops. Because they might get washed by tap water. However, if the fruit or vegetable is washed with clean mineral water, you can have it. In the end, avoid tap water and foods that get washed with it.

11.             Don’t Visit Popular Places On Weekend

Whether it’s the national safari park or a crater, don’t go to popular places on weekends. Because Tanzania has huge numbers of tourists, specifically on weekends. Going into the rush period might not be a pleasant experience for you to have. Instead, you should have a tour on the weekdays.

However, some less-known destinations are okay to have on the weekend. You can guess how popular a place is by checking out its reviews. Plus, on travel forums, you will get an in-depth analysis of the number of tourists a place gets.

12.             Don’t Roam Without Identity Copy

No matter if you are going for a safari ride or to a small village, always have a copy of your identity documents. As you travel around Tanzania, you might get asked for your identity info by police officers. Having a copy of identity cards, like a password, will greatly help you.

At the same time, avoid carrying the actual documents with you. Because in some cases, you lose the document, it might be a hassle for you. Which is why I always carry a copy of the actual identity documents. That’s why you could prove your identity while safeguarding your actual documents.

13.              Don’t Waste Your Food

Tanzania is gifted with mouth-watering foods and dishes; you should not waste them. If you are not feeling for the food, wait to buy it out. When you can’t have the food or cuisine, you better pack it and give it to your partner or friends.

Plus, wasting food is a big no in the local culture. Doing so will mean not properly respecting the culture and its food. Thus, while you are ordering, do some research and get the food you want. It would save you from spending extra money and avoid food wastage.

14.             Don’t take Unlicensed Taxis

While you are in town, it might be tempting for you to take taxis. But, only ever get into unlicensed texas. Plus, make sure someone local is with you for extra security. Doing it will help you avoid any unwanted incidents altogether.

Moreover, you better walk off to the point if you are still seeking out. While walking into an unknown neighborhood, avoid looking at your Mobile map deliberately. Instead, walk off with confidence and take a fast walk. Most of all, you should only see someone familiar with the area.

15.             Don’t Roam at Night

While planning your trip, always avoid the nighttime. Try to utilize the daylight and have a walk around and trip before evening. Urban areas are safer, but areas with fewer people are unsafe to roam around.

In case you have to roam in the dark, make sure to have a group of people around. It will ensure the safety of you and others. Plus, be sure to have someone local with you whenever going outside to new places at night.


Those were all the things you should never do while visiting Tanzania. When you are planning your next trip into the country, make sure to keep these in mind. It would make your travel a lot more seamless and safer than before.

Finally, always do a little bit of research before going into new places. It’s going to reveal a lot of helpful info for you.


Below are the questions you should know about.

What To Wear In Tanzania?

Whenever you are going to a public place, you should dress modestly. For example, men wear trousers and simple shirts. For women, the clothing should cover the knee and shoulder area. Hence, keep it in mind when shopping for dresses for a Tanzania trip.

Is Tanzania Safe To Visit?

In simple words, Tanzania is a relatively safe place to travel. Most of the towns and popular villages are free of crime. However, you should take extra steps when roaming in the dark in less popular places.

What You Need To Know Before Going To Tanzania?

You must know about password rules, popular destinations, and the place’s culture. Moreover, be sure to research the safety and security of the place. Last but not least, know about the language the local people speak.


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