How Tanzania eVisa Is Changing the Way People Explore this Country

Every traveler has a story about the time they were traveling abroad and ran into some sort of delay or issues with the necessary documents.

Whether it was being delayed at an airport, not being able to board a plane due to weather, or having difficulties with customs while entering the country – travelers, have experienced this type of situation before.

One way that travelers can alleviate some stress when trying to enter a different country is by applying for their visa in advance. In recent years many countries have been adopting eVisas as an alternative form of entry which makes things easier for both citizens and tourists alike.

The Tanzania eVisa is one example of how this system has made it easier for people who are visiting Tanzania from other places around the world.


What is the Tanzania eVisa

The Tanzania eVisa is the system used to get visas for travel to this country. The electronic visa comes in the form of a PDF file sent to the traveler via email.

Tanzania has introduced two types of its electronic visa: a tourist and a transit one. Tourist eVisa for Tanzania can be used for all leisure trips, perfect for going on vacation to Tanzania. This type of electronic visa allows a 30-day stay in the country, while the transit eVisa is suitable for 7-day transit trips.

How does one apply

When applying, applicants are required to fill out a short application that asks them questions about their trip to Tanzania, as well as requires providing basic personal information.

Next, travelers need to cover the issuing fee, which can also be done from home, simply using any preferred online payment method.

Once submitted, the application goes through a screening process before the final decision is made.

One way of applying for the Tanzania eVisa is via an official Tanzania Government website or using an eVisa agent online on https://passportvisa.org/evisa-tanzania/.

Using the second option is a bit easier since the agent is submitting the form for you; all you have to do is fill an application form that is provided in a much clearer form and available in different languages.

Processing times

Processing usually takes about 7 business days, but if there are any issues or questions that need clarification, it can take up to 10 working days for the application to be processed.

That is why the key element to every successful application is submitting the form no later than 10 business days prior to one’s departure. Make sure to meet this deadline when applying for the electronic Tanzania visa to avoid any issues with processing your application.

What do I need to apply for an eVisa for Tanzania

You can forget about the long and complicated lists of documents to provide when applying for an eVisa online.

All that’s needed to apply for the electronic travel authorization for Tanzania is:

  • a valid passport
  • a digital photo of the applicant’s face

The last, additional document required differs based on the purpose of your trip. If you plan to visit Tanzania for leisure, get a copy of your return ticket.

If you plan on staying for transit reasons, then make sure to have a copy of your onward ticket (to the next destination you’ll be reaching from Tanzania).

And that’s all when it comes to the required documents! You should also double-check if your passport won’t expire for the next 6 months from applying, if your email address is active, and if you have access to any online payment method.

How did the Tanzania eVisa actually simplify things

There are many ways that Tanzania eVisa is changing the way people explore this country, but one of the most important is how it makes travel easier.

With an eVisa system in place, people don’t have to worry about stressful and inconvenient Embassy visits.

They can go online and find out if they need a visa for Tanzania or not, apply for it with just a few clicks, pay through credit card or PayPal, and get on their flight knowing that all of the arrangements are taken care of!

Other than reducing the stress connected with international trips and visa handling, the eVisa application is clear and intuitive. Filling the form takes just a few minutes and can be done even using a phone.

The last but no less important reason is that the electronic visa system helps the Tanzanian Government prescreen the incoming tourists, making sure each visit is safe for the public.

The Tanzania eVisa is a great way to simplify your travel plans. Whether you’re looking for an affordable safari, want to explore the Serengeti National Park, or need a relaxing getaway, this visa will make it as easy and inexpensive as possible!


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