How to look after your health when traveling

Now that we can feel safer whilst traveling and there are far fewer restrictions, you may find yourself planning your next trip. You are probably more aware than ever of your personal health and will be looking for ways you can look after yourself whilst traveling. There are a few obvious considerations to take into account such as any required vaccinations as well as sun protection but here are few tips on how you can look after your physical health whilst traveling. (Check out All About Vision for specific advice on how you can look after your eyes) 

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Avoid aisle seats when you can 

One of the many things that the pandemic has taught us is that planes are a hot spot for person-to-person infections. You might think that the middle seat is the worse place to be for catching a cold, but it is the aisle seat where you are exposed to most germs as you constantly have people walking past you and flight attendants leaning over you to help other passengers. Whilst it may not make much of a difference overall and we would always recommend wearing a face-covering anyway, avoiding the aisle seat makes it just that little bit less likely that you will come into contact with an infectious illness.

Do not underestimate the power of sleep 

Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and try and squeeze a nap in whenever you can. If you can sleep whilst traveling on trains or planes, then make the most of this. You should also be mindful of the time difference and make a plan to avoid jet lag as much as possible for both health reasons and so it does not affect your enjoyment of your trip. Lack of sleep can make you grouchy and moody, affecting how much fun you are having and how much you engage in all the activities you have planned. Running on low sleep can also make you feel physically run down and in turn, have a negative impact on your health. You do not want to be getting ill and having to spend your entire vacation trying to recover! 

You are what you eat 

If you eat lots of junk food, you are going to feel like garbage. It can be tempting to overindulge and completely disregard any idea of healthy eating whilst you are traveling but it is more important than ever to eat healthily. You need lots of energy which means you need lots of fuel in the form of quality food. You should take healthy snacks with you whenever you set out on a new adventure and keep an eye out for healthier food options near where you are staying so you have a fallback should you want to pick up something quickly or on the go. You should also keep yourself topped up with water regularly and carry a bottle of water with you at all times – be mindful of where you are and research the quality of the drinking water as you may need to rely on bottled water which requires some level of preparation in terms of shopping.


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