Survival Tips for Your Summer Trip

Summer is one of the seasons preferred by many travelers. However, in some aspects, this favoritism also works against you since it is likely that you will find yourself overcrowded with tourists. The high temperatures and the level of demand making tickets more expensive could discourage any traveler, but here you will find some tips that will help you get the most out of this very pleasant season. So pay attention and take notes so your next trip is a success.

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Plan Your Trip in Advance

As you can imagine, summer is the most popular time to travel as many people enjoy their vacations, and the weather is ideal for various activities. For this same reason, there is greater demand in amusement parks, museums, restaurants, and tourist places. If you do not make reservations or buy tickets in advance, you will spend much of your vacation standing in long lines.

To avoid this, you can go to each attraction’s website and buy tickets in advance. As for the restaurants, you can make your reservations, and thus you will not have to wait long hours to eat. As for plane tickets, buying them in advance will also help you reduce expenses since the closer you are to the date you want to travel, the more expensive the tickets could be.

Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

Summer is synonymous with the sun, and although it is the perfect time to get a tan, you should never stop taking care of your skin. For this, it will be ideal to use sunscreen and Goodr sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses will prevent headaches and eyestrain, so buying a pair is an excellent investment. It will also be good to wear a cap or clothing covering your skin as much as possible. We know that it is very hot during the summer, so try to reapply your sunscreen several times a day if you do not want to wear long sleeves.

You must control your exposure to the sun since sunstroke could have consequences for your health and ruin the rest of your vacation. The best thing you can do is take the necessary precautions and thus avoid any mishap. Do not forget to drink water constantly and moisturize your skin with some lotion.

Stay Well Hydrated

We already mentioned it before, but we must emphasize this point. The high summer temperatures increase the natural sweating of our bodies, and the air conditioning dries out the environment inside the car (if you are traveling by road). You and your family must stay well hydrated – juices and isotonic drinks are a good alternative to water – during the trip, something especially important if you are traveling with children or the elderly.

By being well-hydrated, you will reduce the risk of sleepiness and arrive at your destination more refreshed. If it is very hot, we recommend freezing water bottles to ensure an almost uninterrupted supply of fresh water.

Get a Travel Insurance

In the summer, it is common to go to the beach to swim, do extreme sports, walk for hours, and do physically demanding activities. If your body will be constantly exercising and moving, getting health insurance for your vacations could be one of your most prudent decisions, especially if you do not want interruptions in your trip.

Travel insurance is highly recommended, especially for multi-day trips to distant destinations and in congested seasons. You may think that travel insurance is very expensive, but you can get cheap options covering basic health and safety needs. Research what options are available and choose the option that best suits your budget and itinerary.

Plan Your Route to Save Time and Money

Summer trips cause huge traffic jams on expressways, especially during departure and return operations, concentrated on specific dates. To avoid these traffic jams, plan your trip accordingly. You can try to leave earlier or even travel the day before, even if it means you lose a night on the beach. Consult your GPS navigator or Google Maps to know the route, and consider alternative routes – even secondary roads – that are less congested. If you still experience delays, take it easy and don’t rush once traffic is smooth again.

Try to Park Your Car under the Shade

It is very hot in summer, and the sun shines with a blinding intensity. In some countries, if you park your car in the sun, its interior could heat up to over 60 degrees Celsius in minutes (that is right, not hours). It goes without saying that you should not leave pets or children in a car parked in the sun: even for just a few minutes, they are at risk of fatal heat stroke. Parking the car in the shade will prevent it from burning when you pick it up again, putting extra effort into the air conditioning system. It is also not pleasant at all to get into a hot car.

Avoid Driving after Copious Meals or Having Ingested Alcohol

It may seem like obvious advice, but summers are times of excess. It is not only the time of parties, but also copious meals abound. Do not drink alcohol if you are going to drive, or do it many hours before taking the car: driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal. It endangers other road users, as well as you and your family. Copious meals cause drowsiness, especially if we talk about dinners, and drowsiness can cause very dangerous consequences for the driver.


Nobody wants their vacation to go wrong, so if you want to enjoy some incredible days, follow the recommendations on this list. Summer is characterized by sun and heat, so protect your skin by using sunscreen and your eyes by wearing glasses, constantly hydrating, and taking out travel insurance. Also, avoid long lines by making reservations in advance and buying tickets online for the attractions you will visit. You will enjoy your vacation fully if you take all these forecasts.


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