How a Southern African Safari Trip Can Help With Conservation

Every year, thousands of avid travellers from around the world come to southern Africa to enjoy the famed safari experience. Did you know that by going on a safari or a visit to a game lodge in southern Africa, you are playing a pivotal role by contributing to the continuous conservation efforts that are required to keep the safari experience alive. 

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Anti-poaching effortsPondoro’s Black Mamba anti-poaching team 

The unfortunate truth is that iconic wildlife such as elephants and rhinos are victims of poaching; the poachers harm these animals in order to steal their tusks which are made of ivory. The ivory trade is extremely lucrative and even though the many private game reserves and National Parks authorities are endeavouring to fight this sickening, sadistic activity, funds are needed – and this is one of the ways in which you are helping by going on a safari.  

Pondoro is a sponsor of the world famous Black Mamba anti-poaching team. Ivory and bush-meat poaching is a reality and this team protects the Olifants West section of the Balule National Game Reserve. The team is made up selfless individuals dedicated to preserving this idyllic environment as well as protecting the precious wildlife that call this nature reserve their home.  

The reality is that more volunteers, rangers and trackers are needed on the ground if we want to cull poaching. This serves a dual purpose: it not only adds to job creation, but it also allows rangers and trackers to receive the specific training needed to help protect the animals. 

Interestingly, conservation efforts actually have a ripple effect: by protecting species that are vulnerable, other less endangered species are being safeguarded, allowing them to flourish. It needs to be understood that all elements in nature have a symbiotic relationship and this connection needs to be sustained. 

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The effect of conservation efforts such as this play a part in the biodiversity of the region, which allows lodges such as Pondoro to offer an exclusive, luxury safari experience.  

Pondoro boasts five lavish suites, equipped with a private patio and views of the river, three chalets and a treehouse hide offering unrivaled comfort. The prime location affords guests the opportunity to see the iconic Big 5 (lion; elephant; rhino; leopard and buffalo) as well as a plethora of other animal species.  

Exclusive, luxury game drives take place daily and because Pondoro is situated on a private concession, the guides and trackers are well versed in the movements of the animals – you can rest assured that they will use their skill to ensure you see as many animals as possible. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a nature walk. You’ll be escorted by an experienced, armed guide who will keep you safe while you enjoy the thrill of tracking animals on foot. 

By visiting southern African safari lodges like Pondoro, everyone is able to contribute to preserving the wildlife and the spectacular environment – let’s ensure that this remains a reality for us and future generations.  



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