Things You Need to Know as a Business Traveler to Singapore

As a wealthy Asian business hub, Singapore attracts thousands of business travelers every year. If you’re a business mogul who wants to explore the popular Island city-state, you may want to learn some basic rules that will help you enjoy your stay in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay at night in Singapore

For a very long time, Singapore, aka the Lion City, has played a pivotal role in connecting international corporate organizations across different industries. Examples of the most prominent industry sectors in Singapore include oil, transport, trading, banking, and tourism – just to name a few.

Top 4 Tips for Business Travelers to Singapore

Be Connected

There is no doubt that Singapore is more or less the center of global trade. And so, business travelers coming to the wealthy country will need to stay connected both offline and online. The good news is that many telecom network operators offer call roaming services for business travelers to Singapore. That means you can still keep in touch with your business partners abroad while you are there.

For frequent travelers or people with intentions to stay long term, they can also purchase local SIM cards in Singapore to stay connected. Travelers will need to use their passports to meet the requirements for local SIM card registration.

Internet connectivity in Singapore is pretty good. You can take your online connectivity to a different level by connecting to free public Wi-Fi throughout the island. You can browse at high connectivity speeds up to 5 MB/second. In case of an emergency, there are telephone booths for making both local and international calls.

Before you plan the trip, you can visit https://www.singapore-visa.net to familiarize yourself with Singapore’s Visa requirements

Business Cards Are Important

For business-minded individuals, a visit to a business hub such as Singapore may require you to carry more business cards with you than normal. Now and then, business events are organized in Singapore. If you intend to participate in corporate meetings, you will want to keep plenty of cards with you.

Singapore’s cherished cultural values demand that you both give and receive business cards with both hands. This is a sign of respect. Even if you have no interest in a business card, receive it in good faith instead of refusing it or discarding it right away.

Make Good Use of Airbnb (MetroResidences)

Traditional hotel prices can be very expensive in Singapore. But if you patronize Singapore’s Airbnb services, you may get cheaper accommodation offers. However, MetroResidences accommodation services are suitable for long-term business visitors who have permits to stay in Singapore for and longer. Install the MetroResidences app on your smartphone, and you can book affordable accommodation at the touch of a finger.

Prepare for the Harsh Weather

While Singapore is an economic powerhouse, the same cannot be said for the weather. Singapore’s location at the equator means that humidity and sunshine can reach extreme levels, and leave you drenched in sweat. To avoid the risk of the weather ruining your outfit, don’t walk long distances. Use public transport or Grab instead. Also, when the rains set in, you may want to carry an umbrella along with you.


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